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Fantasy Flashback is a weekly article that highlights some of the greatest individual seasons, from a fantasy football and NFL perspective.

Last week I highlighted Priest Holmes‘ 2005 season with the Kansas City Chiefs:

Fantasy Flashback: Priest Holmes (2003)

Today I will highlight Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison's dominating career together with the Indianapolis Colts. Not only will I be highlighting two players today, I will also discuss the stats and fantasy value from 1999-2006.


Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison are arguably the best quarterback and wide receiver duo in NFL history.

Both players started off their professional careers in Indianapolis. Harrison was drafted 19th overall in the 1996 NFL Draft and Manning was drafted 1st overall in the 1998 NFL Draft. Their expectations were extremely high and the franchise was relying on them to be leaders on the field and in the locker room.

In Harrison's first two seasons (1996-1997) he failed to record over 1,000 yards receiving. However, when Manning arrived in 1998 the two had an immediate connection. In 2007, Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts won Super Bowl 41.


Peyton Manning's Stats (1999-2006)

  • Comp %: 65.0
  • Passing Yards: 33,847 (AVG: 4,231)
  • Passing Touchdowns: 249 (AVG: 31)

Marvin Harrison Stats (1999-2006)

  • Receptions: 826 (AVG: 102)
  • Receiving Yards: 11,219 (AVG: 1,402)
  • Receiving Touchdowns: 101 (AVG: 13)

In the early 2000's Manning and Harrison were the best quarterback and wide receiver duo in the NFL.

Peyton Manning's best season during this time period from a fantasy perspective was in 2004. He threw for 4,557 yards and league leading 49 touchdowns. Other stats included a 67.6 completion percentage and a 121.1 quarterback rating. Manning finished second, only behind Daunte Culpepper, for most fantasy points among all fantasy football players (362). He averaged 22.6 fantasy points per game.

Manning threw for 5+ touchdowns in four different games during the 2004 NFL season. From week seven to week eleven, Manning threw for a total of 24 touchdowns and 1,507 yards. That's an average of almost five touchdowns and 301 yards per game during that stretch of games.

Marvin Harrison had plenty of amazing seasons, and he is arguably the most consistent wide receiver in the history of the NFL. Personally, I would say his best season was in 2002.

In 2002, Harrison had 143 catches for 1,722 yards and 11 touchdowns. He led all wide receivers with 239 fantasy points, 18 more points than the second highest scorer Terrell Owens. And that's in standard scoring leagues! In point per reception (PPR) leagues Harrison outscored Owens by 61 fantasy points.

Like I said earlier Marvin Harrison is one of the most consistent wide receivers ever to play in the NFL. From 1999-2006 he recorded over 1,000+ receiving yards and 10+ touchdowns in each of his eight seasons played. When you drafted him in fantasy football you knew he was going to play all 16 games and he would put up great numbers every season.


When asked what impact Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison had with the team, city, and fans, Colts fan @DynastyExpert writes:

"I just loved how in-sync they were together. Manning would throw the ball to the spot before Marvin turned around or even made his cut. I think Manning's first pass in the NFL was a five yard pass to Marvin and he took it to the house.

Peyton Manning meant so much to Indianapolis. You could tell when fans and reporters cried at his press conference when he left. I think it's harder for wide receivers like Harrison to be a fan favorite because

Even though Marvin Harrison made the Hall of Fame, I think he was underrated. With him and Reggie Wayne playing together, it's incredible they only won one title. I think the city misses him for sure. But the city misses Manning even more. With how great Andrew Luck is and how great [I think] he will be (Hall of Fame career with Super Bowl(s)) people always miss the Manning days. And Luck is still in Manning's shadow.

Of course Manning is my favorite Colt of all-time. To me he is football. He turned the Colts around. He brought the Super Bowl to Indy. He was so good, so methodical, and everyone's hero."


I would best compare Marvin Harrison and Peyton Manning to Antonio Brown and Ben Roethlisberger.

After signing a 4 year $68 million dollar contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers, it looks as if Brown will be a Steeler for life much like Harrison was a Colt for life. In today's NFL, you don't see one player sticking with one team for their entire career but when they do it's always something special to watch.

Like Harrison, Brown is a very consistent wide receiver. He has recorded 1,200+ yards, 100+ receptions, and 8+ touchdowns in the last four seasons. Both wide receiving are also great route runners. While they are very similar on the field the two players couldn't be more different off the field. Antonio Brown is flashy and wants the attention while Marvin Harrison quietly broke records.

Now let's talk about Big Ben and Peyton Manning. Yes, I realize Roethlisberger isn't as good or even close to the level of Manning but there are a few similarities between the two quarterbacks. Both quarterbacks are pocket passers, have an incredible arm, were drafted high in their respected draft classes, and have won two Super Bowls.

Should I continue these types of articles? Comment below! Thanks for reading.

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