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Pittsburgh Steelers LB Vince Williams

Steel City Underground presents "Plays of the Year" featuring the tops runs, catches, hits and everything else in-between for the Steelers 2017 season.

Following his loss in Sunday's Super Bowl, I felt there was no better time to unearth this "awesome play" made by New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady!

Of course, the play was only "awesome" because he threw an interception... something that rarely happens at Heinz Field.

Needing a stop to get off of the field, the Pittsburgh Steelers defense faced a 3rd-and-2 situation with the ball placed on the Patriots own 33-yard line. Brady stepped back to pass, looking for his usual target, tight end Rob Gronkowski. However, what typically happens when pressure is made on Brady is that he plays very "un-Brady-like".

Javon Hargrave gets a lick on the Patriots QB as the ball sails like a duck, into the waiting hands of Vince Williams.

The Steelers drive 22 yards in 5 plays to extend their late third quarter lead to 24-16 following the turnover.

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