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Attribute Result
Height 6-1
Weight 215
Arms 30 1/4
Hands 9 1/4
40 Yd Dash 4.84
Vert Jump 29.0
Broad Jump 111.0
3 Cone 7.0
20 Yd Shuttle 4.28


The most accurate quarterback in the class. Improved his stock over this past season more than anyone in a while. Has a criminally underrated arm, has very impressive arm strength for his size. Shows great anticipation on throws. Has great touch on his passes which makes it easier on receivers. Is great eluding the pass rush, one of his best qualities. Showed great patience this past year and stayed in the pocket more instead of scrambling instantly.  Lightning fast with his reads looks off defenders with his eyes. Makes tight window throws that will wow you. Accurate all over the field, had a historically high completion percentage. Was money in the red zone all year long. Was undoubtedly the team's leader and his teammates loved him. Has a contagious and fiery attitude that not many have.


Doesn't have the ideal size that teams covet, which may lead to passes being batted down. Took too many unnecessary sacks this year especially against Georgia. Made the safe play too often and relied heavily on his safety options. Needs to throw the ball away more when under duress. Played in an air raid sort of system which will hurt him with NFL verbiage.

NFL Team Fits

Browns, Jets, Broncos, Bills, Cardinals, Dolphins, Chargers, Jaguars, Saints


Mayfield is my favorite player in the class. He's my QB1 and is a top 3 prospect in my eyes. He has a very good arm with amazing accuracy and mobility. He has very few flaws in his game and the flaws he does have are correctable. I love the fire he brings game in and game out and I want that in my franchise quarterback.

Player Comparisons

Brett Favre (Ceiling), 2017 Case Keenum (Floor)

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