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Terry Fletcher has finally returned to the Steel City Underground Podcast to join Joe Kuzma, as the two share some stories which have developed since they last met.

And since they last met a major event occurred in the NFL: the 2017 NFL Draft!

Though there are a few other stories that’ll make you say “WTF” the primary focus of this show in the draft, which gave everyone plenty of reasons to say those three letters in unison!

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  • Delboka

    I want to let you know that guys do a great job. The Terrible Podcast is so bad, with the quality, repetiveness, and the hosts that mumble, slur, and are just plain obnoxious. It’d be nice if these were more frequently done. Thanks again for the podcast.

    • Joe Kuzma

      You have no idea how much we appreciate that! Thank you for the kind words.

      We’re looking to expand and will bring you at least two shows per week. Sometimes we can do more. In season we had 3 per week. All depends on if there’s enough to talk about! That and we’re exploring sponsors to help compensate us for our time too.

      Not sure what service you listen on, but if it’s iTunes or similar, if you haven’t already, leave us a review.

      Thanks again!