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Our news and analysis cover the team from a rational fan’s perspective, maintaining integrity and staying positive, all in a way us commoners can relate to!

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What positions are draft “needs” for the Steelers?

Finally, we’re shifting focus to the NFL Draft, by first taking a look at what the Steelers needs are. Joe Kuzma welcomes back Ron Lippock of the Pittsburgh Sports Daily Bulletin, who feels Pittsburgh only has about five “real” needs they should draft for. The duo will discuss those positional …

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Where do the Steelers stand after a week of free agency?

Some of Steelers Nation feel that the Steelers have done nothing since the free agency period started over a week ago. Well, I’ve got news for yinz: “doing nothing” is actually “doing something” too! Brian E. Roach rejoins Joe Kuzma to talk action, inaction, Steelers signings, and even a few …

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Weekly WTF: A round-up of strange and bizarre stories since the Super Bowl

Terry Fletcher has finally returned to the Steel City Underground Podcast to join Joe Kuzma, as the two share some stories which have developed since they last met. Some of those stories include off-field issues, Steelers free agency (and the strange reaction to Pittsburgh’s front office actually SPENDING money) plus, …

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Inside the Steelers locker room with Jacob Klinger

Ron Lippock of the Pittsburgh Sports Daily Bulletin ( takes the reins for today’s show, as he welcomes special guest, and Pittsburgh Steelers beat reporter, Jacob Klinger (@Jacob_Klinger_) from The duo discuss the loss of Lawrence Timmons, Pittsburgh’s backup plans at several positions (including the signing of Landry Jones and …

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What separates the Steelers and the Patriots? (Not much!)

This show is so packed with commentary, it is one of the longest SCU podcasts in history! Ron Lippock of the Pittsburgh Sports Daily Bulletin once again joins Joe Kuzma, but this time, it’s for a round table discussion with our special guest, Rob Rossi. Rob is the sports editor …

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Do the Steelers need a WR2? Or do they already have one?

Brian Roach joins Joe Kuzma, as the duo breaks down the Steelers wide receiver depth chart. There was much made about Pittsburgh not “having another threat” alongside Antonio Brown, who was just signed to a mega-deal that will make him a Steeler for life. Now everyone is asking, who steps …

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Predicting what Pittsburgh will do during free agency

After a long hiatus, Ron Lippock (of the Pittsburgh Sports Daily Bulletin) joins the show with Joe, to discuss the Steelers plans for free agency. There are a number of names being tossed around as suitors for the Steelers, but they have some of their own players to possibly take …

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