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The 2-2 Pittsburgh Steelers travel to Jacksonville this Sunday, to take on the 0-4 Jaguars. Here are some quick facts about the game:

29 -427

Number of receptions (29) and receiving yards (427) Antonio Brown has this season: good for 3rd (tie) and 4th best in the league.


Antonio Brown touchdowns: 2nd best among receivers.


Le'Veon Bell rushing yards: 2nd in the NFL.


The Steelers rank 5th in the NFL in total offense YPG with 412 yards. They are 2nd in the AFC behind the Indianapolis Colts.


Number of penalties committed by the Steelers this season, 2nd to the 49ers (46)


Number of penalties committed by the Steelers that were declined. This number is not included in the total of 44 penalties above. (The only team with more declined penalties is this week's opponent, Jacksonville.)


Number of yards penalized: tied for 1st in the league.

32, 32, 32...

Jacksonville ranks dead last in points scored, points allowed, total defense YPG, total passing yards and passing YPG.


The Steelers give up the 15th most YPG against the run...


While the Jaguars aren't in the basement in this category, but still give up an average of 130 on the ground, per game.


Pittsburgh has given up the 28th most points in the league.


Career start Jacksonville rookie QB Blake Bortles will make this Sunday. Bortles was 29 for 37 with 253 yds and a touchdown last Sunday, in a 33-14 loss to San Diego.

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