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The following are some highlights of the 2014 season so far, along with numbers pertaining to this weekend's game against the Indianapolis Colts.


Antonio Brown is the 3rd player in NFL history to have at least 5 catches and 80 receiving yards in the first seven games of an NFL season.


Antonio Brown leads the NFL with 719 receiving yards.


Antonio Brown leads the NFL in receiving plays of 25 or more yards...


While Ben Roethlisberger also leads the NFL in pass plays of 25-plus yards.


Speaking of Big Ben, he will make his 150th career start on Sunday...


And is one win shy of 100 career victories.


The Steelers are in the top ten in offensive YPG (8th overall.)


However, the Colts are the best in the league, offensively, in YPG.


Total team rushing yards: 12th best in the NFL.


Le'Veon Bell's yards from scrimmage best in the AFC and 2nd in the league.

7 / 4

Indianapolis is 7th in the league in points scored... and 4th in points allowed.

19 / 25

Whereas the Steelers are 19th and 25th respectively on offense...

13 / 17

and 13th and 17th on defense.


Average opposing kickoff yards per return: 4th best in the NFL.


Shaun Suisham's consecutive field goal streak: a team record.


Isn't it hard to believe this stat? Opponents third down conversion percentage, 5th best in the NFL.

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