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2015 Draft: What About A Punter?

I was getting into some good debate over at the Steelers Xtreme Forum (which is undeniably more alive than my own forum) about this year's draft, when I thought about the one glaring need I've been complaining about for years: a punter. Last season, Brad Wing won the job without putting ...

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Quit Complaining: Steelers and The Draft

Yikes Steelers fans! Some of you are not happy with the front office! But why? The gamut runs from poor selections at positions or the players selected. Let's be open-minded for a second and look at this objectively: the Steelers have had some pretty darn good draft picks over a long ...

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Quit Complaining: Offseason Defense Edition

I swear, if I have to hear one more stuck-up, unknowledgeable, so-called "fan" call for the head of Mike Tomlin or Kevin Colbert, I may spontaneously combust! Listen friends. I know we all have opinions, and sometimes we love our team so much that we go a little overboard, but ...

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