2015 Season Coincidentally Shaping Into 2005 Season

Who could forget the 2005 Pittsburgh Steelers? A team who somehow found a way into the playoffs as the 6th seed, and became the first such team to win it all.

The same could be said about this year’s Steelers squad, one who has time and time again found ways to survive.

In 2005, it was a unfortunate fumble by Jerome Bettis which nearly hurt the Steelers chances of progressing through the touranment. It was an even more unfortunate missed field goal by Colts kicker Mike Vanderjagt, which helped that team survive.

The 2005 Super Bowl run started with a controversial win against the Cincinnati Bengals; this year’s playoff run started with the a controversial win over the same, with an unfortunate fumble (by the opponent this time) and surviving by the fate of a field goal.

It’s that 2005 game against the Colts, in which the Steelers also defeated Peyton Manning, who they will face this Sunday. Except this time, Manning is the quarterback of the Denver Broncos, the team the 2005 Steelers beat for the AFC Championship (a title the New England Patriots were also defending, coincidentally, having won the Super Bowl the prior season, just like this year.)

Another coincidence, the Steelers took the ball away 7 times in the redzone: the most since the 2005 Super Bowl team.

While facing a number of injuries, this year’s incarnation may be hard-pressed to duplicate the 2005 team’s success. However, if they can only find a way to continue surviving, the 2015 team may heal up to fight another day.

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