Duel Opinions: Steelers/Eagles Keys to the Game

Our panel of writers came together to preview this week’s Eagles game, by each finding a single battle they felt would be the “key to the game” for the Steelers to emerge victorious.

Here are those results:


My key is creating turnovers: Carson Wentz, along with the Eagles, have been perfect thus far this season, in not turning the ball over. They are +4 in turnover ratio as well, forcing 4 giveaways.

However, that was against the Browns and Bears: I expect a much more polished performance in better weather from all of the Steelers offensive players, and I do believe their defense is going to get after Wentz early and often, unlike the previous two games.


My key is the offensive line keeping Ben upright.

I think the Eagles inexperienced (young) CBs versus the Steelers inexperienced WRs… which young group does better?

I’m talking like Eli/Sammie/Wheaton against Mills, Carrol, and whoever else they have. I hear Leodis McKelvin is questionable to play.

You could even flip that with their WRs and OUR current young and hungry CBs.

Besides the obvious guys like AB, Will Gay, and Malcom Jenkins – both groups are pretty young.


In two weeks the Eagles have knocked out two QBs.

Yes, it was against Cleveland and Chicago, but there is a pattern here.

If the offensive line can give Ben time to fins his recievers then I think we will be in good shape. It wasn’t that long ago Ben got sacked a gillion times in Philly.

Yes, different o-line and different d-line for eagles, but I think that’s the key to this game.


Forcing Wentz to use his feet for yardage and he is taking big hits. That needs to continue. Also Chris Boswell needs to be perfect on field goals, and the biggest key, will be going for the 2-point conversions.

We were the best team last year at it, let’s stay aggressive!


I think the key will be outsmarting and challenging Carson Wentz: he has yet to play a defense of the Steelers caliber.

Our defensive attack must be balanced. We need to have tight coverage in order to challenge him to make tough throws, and we also need to blitz him to see how he does under pressure.

Wentz had gotten nothing but praise and has already been compared to a young Ben Roethlisberger. I anticipate this game being a reality check for the young quarterback.

The Steelers are a smart and creative team, so these components will be the key to the Steelers going 3-0.

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