SCU Madden Sim: Week 7 – Steelers vs. Patriots

Time for a quick confession. Last weeks Madden sim had the Steelers winning… but that was the 2nd sim I ran. The Steelers lost the initial one and I was in denial about that. Clearly the magic of the Madden sim is something real.

This seems sim has the Steelers winning in a blowout… yeah it shocked me too. Landry Jones casually throws 4 touchdowns and leads the Steelers to victory. You can view the highlights to see yourself.


Landry Finds Coates

This is the first of three touchdowns that Landry throws to Sammie Coates. Last year during Landry’s time starting we saw that his favorite target was Martavis Bryant. It’s certainly possible that this time around its Coates that becomes Landry’s go-to guy.

Moats Picks Brady’s Pockets

This play demonstrates what the Steelers must do if they want to get turnovers. Tom Brady isn’t the type of quarterback to make stupid mistakes. The Steelers must be able to make him feel the pressure if they want to slow him down.

Coates Deep Threat Continues

Another week, another Coates deep ball. Teams keep not giving Coates the respect he deserves, so he keeps getting open.  Teams have 2-3 watching Antonio Brown and this gives players like Coates the opportunity to make plays.

Cockrell Steps Up

This play is surprising because nobody would guess that Ross Cockrell outmuscles Rob Gronkowski. Cockrell has played well though this season and is due for a splash play.

Holy Coates!!!

Geez, another one?

DHB Find Pay Dirt!

With Wheaton out, Darrius Heyward-Bey is likely to keep getting playing time. The Steelers need everybody to step up Sunday! This is a big-time play for the vet, the type of play the Steelers need if they want to beat the Patriots.

Blount is Stuffed!

Bend but don’t break. This mantra has rung mostly true for the Steelers are one of the top teams in the league in yards allowed, while they have one of the lowest red-zone conversion percentages. The Steelers need to be tough in the redzone this Sunday, and I’m sure the Steelers would love to lay a big hit on LeGarrette Blount.

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