SCU Madden Sim: Week 14 – Steelers vs Bills

It’s hard to believe we’re already at Week 14 of the NFL season. The offseason feels like an eternity, and then when football returns, it flies by. Make sure to take a moment to appreciate your football this weekend!

This week the Steelers travel to Buffalo in what is expected to be a frigid game with major playoff implications. At this point every game counts for the Steelers, and the Bills have no intentions of letting them leave unscathed.

Per usual, we figured that the most accurate method for predicting a game is a Madden simulation. The sim’s accuracy this season has been fairly shake to be honest, but it’s still fun nonetheless. If it’s true this week, James Harrison will have a big game, Le’Veon Bell is going to break off his biggest run of the season, and Ladarius Green will continue being a key weapon for the Steelers.

So here it is, our Steelers vs Bills Madden Simulation.

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