Plays of the Year: Javon Hargrave rag dolls lineman, sacks Tom Brady

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There weren’t a lot of highlights for the Steelers defense when they played against the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship game earlier this year. However, first-year defensive lineman Javon Hargrave emerged with one of the few highlights the defense had against the eventual Super Bowl Champions.

Hargrave lined up with Patriots guard, #62 Joe Thuney, who at the time was also a rookie. (There’s also a bit of irony that Thuney played his college ball at North Carolina State while Hargrave attended South Carolina State.) Yet, you wouldn’t know that “J-Wobble” is the player who went to the smaller college based on the outcome of this play, which saw Tom Brady fold like a bad hand at the poker table!

20 responses to “Plays of the Year: Javon Hargrave rag dolls lineman, sacks Tom Brady”

  1. Dave D says:

    Awesome play right there! Wow, that strength!

  2. Zombiman says:

    Brady is such a fucking pussy….. i’m sure if they amplified the sound you could hear him crying, “Not in the face, not in the face…” as he quickly lays down. Just like what he says to his boyfriend 🙂

  3. John H says:

    The only pussy is you Zombiman assholes like at e are so damn jealous of Tom Brady and the Patriots so please eat shit and croak .

  4. John H says:

    Like you are so damn

  5. Cowdue Kasza says:

    Is this an example of a return to the “steel sheet”? The 3-B’s SB window is closing. This is Ben’s final year unless he learns to protect his body a bit better. And a more mature NE OL means TB12 will still be smiling after the AFC Championship game.

    • Joe Kuzma says:

      Ben has been sacked less than Eli Manning or Philip Rivers over the last 5 seasons: all were taken in the same draft, yet it’s only Ben who everyone says is “done”? Doesn’t make sense. I get his drama after losing the AFC title game, but to be honest, Rivers and Eli are getting hit as much as twice as much and the media ignores it.

  6. Doug Tozier says:

    And yet they don’t.

    • Eric Herrmann says:

      If we had Cam Heyward starting in that game our pass rush would’ve been totally different. His return is huge this year.

      • Doug Tozier says:

        I sense a sports PHD here… if only every team had no injured players. SMH.

        • Joe Kuzma says:

          Doesn’t take one to realize you’re debating this on a Steelers website 😉

          • Doug Tozier says:

            And your point is?

            The article SHOULD have pointed out what the video shows, and that is of the lineman getting beat on a good move and then being pushed down using his own momentum. The title was simply misleading, and the comments seem to ignore the actual footage.

            Physics is a bitch. Good play by a rookie against a rookie though.

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