Preseason opening week WTF moments

It’s a new football season and that means it’s time for our first 2017 NFL season installment of the Weekly WTF. You should already know what “WTF” means (if you don’t, we’re not going to tell you here) and how it applies to this series is the same: these are the events during the week that make you roll your eyes or curse at the television!

Without further adieu, let’s get started with the obvious.


The Steelers have not won an opening preseason game since 2010.

You heard me. 2010. WTF??

Well, I say that only because there are still fans out there that really do not grasp what “Preseason Football” is all about. It is a job interview for up-and-coming players; a time for those drafted rookies to show that they can translate what they do on the practice field to the speed of the NFL. It’s also a live scrimmage for veteran players.

The preseason is not about winning the game. It is nice to win, of course, but when you don’t have your starters (the stars) playing, there is no intent to win.

So calm down people if you get upset when the score goes back and forth. It’s PRESEASON! WTF.

Backup Quarterback

There has been a lot of hype about Ben Roethlisberger and his imminent retirement. (I still say he is toying with us and has another 3-4 years but that’s me.)

Fourth round draft pick, quarterback Joshua Dobbs, was slated to play a majority of the game with Ben sitting and long time back up Landry Jones out with an abdominal injury. We were excited to see what this 22-year-old could do.

Welp, the 1st quarter did not go well.

Dobbs started 1-for-5 with two picks in the first quarter. Not exactly what we hoped for. Since this was a televised game (NFL NETWORK), after the 2nd interception we could see Coach Tomlin mouth “What happened?” (I am sure WTF crossed his mind!)

The camera did not allow us to see the rest of the conversation, but it must have been a good coach-up as Dobbs improved the rest of the game with a touchdown pass and another would-be TD that was called back due to a penalty.

Nationally Televised?

A big WTF to NFL Network for, switching to the KC game with 7 minutes left in the Steelers game!


I know it’s only preseason, but we did want to see, not just hear about fourth string QB, Bart Simpson, I mean Houston, get his reps. Thanks a lot.

Just for kicks

I can’t help but be a little amused at Tampa Bay cutting kicker Roberto Aguayo, their second round pick from one year ago. They actually traded up for him in the draft, and their fanbase was like WTF… actually, everyone was like WTF!

I suggested they try out Josh Scobee but they ended up signing Zach Hocker to compete with veteran kicker Nick Folk (who was signed in March to compete with Aguayo).

When the coach was asked who was in the room when Aguayo was cut, he responded “Me, Jason and Hard Knocks”


Not so Raven

I think the sad WTF (well I’m not that sad) for the week heading into the preseason, is the implosion of the Baltimore Ravens.

How many injured players do that have now?

Joe Flacco is out until week one of the regular season. Needing another passer, they signed a no-named CFL QB instead of Colin Kaepernick as all thought they might. Of course, they do have Ryan Mallett who was 3/8 with 20 yards in their preseason opener.

They won, as did the Browns.

The Browns were so happy… let’s let them have this one! It’s preseason!

Slip of the tongue?

We know Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin loves to tease his players, and he isn’t one to hand out much praise to his players due to his high expectations. However, he is quite the comedian when he wants to be.

When asked how happy he was with eight-year linebacker Arthur Moats‘ performance in Friday’s preseason game, Tomlin said:

He’s the 11th grader in the JV game.

Really Coach? WTF? I mean, he was a little more experienced than those new guys but give Moats a break. He is one of the really good guys in the league… and yes a personal favorite of mine, on and off the field.

Moats had a great game (3 sacks and 1 INT) and always has a huge smile on his face like he is having the best time out there.

So kudos to Moats. (Don’t cross him!)

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