WTF happened during Week 7 of the 2017 NFL season?!

Is this what a “crack high” feels like?

I’m kidding of course; no drugs here folks, just pure elation for a win.

I was in Pittsburgh this week for business, so having breakfast on Sunday morning with all of the Steelers fans in my hotel lobby was a blast. I’m glad I was wearing my black and gold like everyone else too. It really is a different environment than being disconnected from the area while living on the West Coast.

This week brought out the usual variety of WTF moments. We have to start out with probably what has been the best touchdown celebration to date: JuJu Smith-Schuster and his game of “hide-and-seek”. It was pretty funny in the moment but also went viral with the sports media.

I was like WTF are you doing guys… but laughed the entire time. JuJu is such a kid out there. At only 20-years old I am not kidding, he is a kid, but he makes watching him a lot of fun.

The only thing I will, again, say about these celebrations, and I know I am beating a dead horse here, is that I counted the eight seconds it took to complete; that is not conducive to running a 2-point conversion. Unless the Steelers have abandoned that concept this season?

Another WTF is the Steelers executing a fake punt while up 12 points in the fourth quarter. Ouch.

If you went to get another beer knowing the Steelers were punting you may have missed it. The direct snap to Robert Golden, who threw a pass to Darrius Heyward-Bey for 44 yards was awesome. It left the Bengals saying W-T-F was that?

Didn’t we hear that the Bengals were practicing this week to the Steelers rally song “Renegade”? Well WTF good did that do them?

Not much! The Steelers forced two interceptions, sacked Bengals QB Andy Dalton three times and held them to 19 net yards of offense in the second half with no points.

Speaking of Dalton, how about that 4th down play where he threw the ball away? Were Bengals fans like WTF?

And then there is Vontaze Burfict. I swear that player has absolutely no self-control.

At one point in the game, he kicked FB Roosevelt Nix in the head while on the ground. Two feet, cleats out, into his facemask. Even Le’Veon Bell reacted to it:

What is sad here is Bell is correct. WTF to the NFL. No flag was thrown. Not even a word said. Let’s hope this is addressed this week.

Next, and this is not a topic I even want to bring up, but here we are again with outside the locker room noise and another social media post by Martavis Bryant and his tantrum about his unhappiness.

WTF Martavis?

Not only were you suspended twice for NFL drug policy issues, and have not been on the field for over a year before returning, but when your team is winning in all three phases of the game, and yes you are involved in the offense, you call out one of your teammates for not being as good as you are?

You are bringing drama to a team where none should exist. You are a starter. The team welcomed you back even after you let them down big time. There are other players who truly know the meaning of “team” you should emulate. Think Arthur Moats, James Harrison, and even Eli Rogers, none of whom have complained one bit about their limited time on the field.

Be smarter than that and stay off of social media.

In other games did you see the Chiefs at Raiders game last Thursday? I actually caught the last five minutes in my car driving home, and those radio guys were hyperventilating like I was.

Tthe Chiefs had a nine-point lead heading into the 4th quarter and they allowed the Raiders to drive 85-yards in the final two minutes for the winning TD. Carr threw 52 passes and wasn’t sacked once. Time even ran out in the 4th quarter but 2 penalties allowed Derek Car to keep trying for the win.

Earlier in the same game, Marshawn Lynch decided to come off the sideline and get into it a skirmish, where he then hit a referee. He’s been suspended and fined. WTF?

The Jacksonville Jaguars wreaked havoc on the Colts this week with 11 sacks and a 27-0 shutout. WTF was that? I just don’t see Colts coach Chuck Pagano making it through the season with a job…

I need to add one more WTF with the potential season-ending injuries continuing to pile up. Cardinals QB Carson Palmer broke his arm and will need surgery; likely out 8-10 weeks. He was contemplating retirement this offseason… and could be done.

Dolphins QB Jay Cutler fractured his ribs on Sunday as well, and he will be out for a few games.

Players are seriously dropping like flies. I lost count. WTF?

Until next time!

2 responses to “WTF happened during Week 7 of the 2017 NFL season?!”

  1. Jonathan Bortree says:

    Very well spoken. Some players are all about me me me me and forget this is a team game. We would be very blessed to get paid millions to play a sport but a lot of players are glorified divas. Yes Bryant is talented but he drinking too much of his own koolaid these days.
    Burfict is a dirty player and always trying to hurt someone.

    Many players are getting hurt this season. Love the podcast and article. Terry you did a fantastic job!!!!

    • Joe Kuzma says:

      I’d say the one thing we all forget is that so many of these players are in their early 20’s and don’t have the same kind of world experience/view that we have. All they have is some college education and playing sports. There’s immaturity. Some are better than others. Money/power/fame don’t help and not everyone can handle it.

      I truly believe that Martavis shares quite a few traits even with myself. One day you feel on top of the world, the next you feel as if someone ran over your dog. Happens to highly creative/motivated types. They feel “alone”. We know Bryant was reportedly dealing with depression issues in addition to substance abuse. I hope he’s receiving quality help and support outside of the football field and wish him nothing but the best. We all make mistakes. What he said is inexcusable, but all considering, they’re just words. He could’ve done something much worse IMO.

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