SCU’s Best NFL Jersey Tournament Elite 8: Vikings vs. Saints

Welcome to Steel City Underground’s latest March Madness creation: The “Best” NFL Jersey Tournament!

For a recap of how we set this up, plus results thus far, please refer to our main SCU March Madness page.

Elite Eight

The Vikings rolled through the Colts and Cowboys to take on the Saints in today’s contest. New Orleans path to the quarterfinals include wins over the Jets and Dolphins. Now these two teams will host a virtual rematch of the NFC Championship game, with the winner headed to the “Final Four”.

Here’s how the two teams look:

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(3) Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings are another team which made a recent update but largely stuck with tradition in doing so. The new numbers are custom-made and more than befitting of a “viking” while the traditional purple and gold remain the same.

Minnesota Vikings

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(6) New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints have held tight to their black and gold roots for years, and as such, their jersey is one of the better recognized in the league. Unlike other teams in the league, they have retained the block number design on their jerseys. Their helmets also stick with tradition.

New Orleans Saints

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Previous Tournament Entries

All polls remain open during the first round of the tournament, so be sure to vote for the team uniforms you’d like to see emerge victorious.

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