Plays of the Year: Mike Hilton’s three sacks earn AFC Defensive Player of the Week

Steel City Underground presents “Plays of the Year” featuring the tops runs, catches, hits and everything else in-between for the Steelers 2017 season.

The staff here at Steel City Underground were always high on Mike Hilton coming into this season and boy did he make all of us proud during the holidays.

A chess piece in Keith Butler‘s revamped defensive schemes, Hilton’s slot cornerback role is one of the most frequently used when the Steelers send a blitz. Hilton would be sent early and often on Christmas Day, racking up three sacks in the game.

Only two other Steelers defensive backs have ever accomplished the same feat: Carnell Lake and Troy Polamalu.

That’s great company to be with if you also take into consideration Hilton being named Week 16’s AFC Defensive Player of the Week.

Let’s celebrate by watching all three of Mike Hilton’s sacks against the Texans.

1st Quarter – 3rd and 9

It doesn’t look like much, but every great story has a beginning!

Hilton flies in from the top of the screen (by the “0” on the 20 yard marker) and gets the sack.

2nd Quarter – 2nd and 7

Houston was trying to get something going before halftime, but this Steeler had different plans.

Hilton forces a fumble on this play as well!

3rd Quarter – 3rd and 7

The Texans also tried to get some offense established when they received the ball to start the second half. Following this sack, their drive would be 8 plays and chew 5:44 off of the clock.

Unfortunately for Houston, the same drive would only net 16 yards as Hilton shuts them down on third down, forcing a punt on the next play.

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