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Attribute Result
Height 6-2
Weight 216
Arms 33 1/8
Hands 9 1/2
40 Yd Dash N/A
Vert Jump N/A
Broad Jump N/A
3 Cone N/A
20 Yd Shuttle N/A


Very dynamic with the ball in his hands and has legit 4.3 speed. Has a strong arm and has a nice flick of the wrist delivery. Has good velocity behind his throws and can throw in tight windows well. Improved his pocket passing each year in college. Has some experience in a pro-style system under Bobby Petrino. Has very nice touch on his deep passes. Has gotten better at moving the defense with his eyes. His legs make him a huge threat against the blitz and spies. Is fantastic at extending plays and making something out of nothing. Was a terror in the red zone for opposing defenses.


Has a small frame that will take a lot of punishment with the way he plays. Needs to protect himself better when scrambling. Has a straight up stance with narrow feet that forces inaccurate passes. Needs work with his mechanics at the next level. Even with his strong arm, he struggled with the deep ball. Would like to see him improve throwing on the run to force defenses into a bad situation

NFL Team Fits

Bills, Cardinals, Dolphins, Ravens, Chargers, Redskins, Patriots, Steelers, Saints, Jaguars


Jackson is one of the best athletes to ever play quarterback. He's super dynamic running the ball and can be a defensive coordinator's worst nightmare. But he needs a situation where a team has a short-term starter so he can grasp the playbook and work on mechanics. If Jackson gets the time you will potentially see a Pro Bowl level player.

Player Comparisons

Randall Cunningham(Ceiling), Robert Griffin III (Floor)

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