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Steelers QB Joshua Dobbs connects with WR Damoun Patterson for a preseason touchdown

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Two different players in two different situations, each playing their hearts out for a roster spot.

That could best describe Pittsburgh Steelers QB Joshua Dobbs and WR Damoun Patterson. With the addition of another quarterback in this year’s draft, Dobbs finds himself in a three-way competition for what may only be two roster spots at his position.

Patterson’s plight is slightly different as the FCS college player not only went undrafted, but went completely unsigned until he impressed Steelers brass during his invite to this year’s rookie minicamp.

Each has made the most of their reps in training camp and that experience showed Thursday night during the Steleers first preseason game against the Eagles. With just under two minutes left in the first half, Pittsburgh was in their two-minute drill, designed to conserve as much clock as possible in order to put some points on the scoreboard.

Dobbs would generate a 9-play, 75-yard drive which would finish with this bullet pass from the second-year quarterback to his rookie teammate.

Watch Patterson’s body control on the catch, but stay for his touchdown celebration!

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