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Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin held a press conference immediately following the Steelers game. Here's a breakdown of of the coach's comments about their performance.

Opening statement

Great team victory. I thought the significant element of play was our big people on offense and defense. We are able to run the ball, we were able to minimize their running game, we were able to protect our quarterback, we were able to get after theirs, so I thought they provided the wave that our football team rode largely throughout – but a lot of quality efforts, a good team football win.

First win at home. We do not take that for granted. Hopefully it’s a catalyst for us as we move forward, but we acknowledge it’s going to be quite some time I’m sure before we get that September stench off of us. So we’ll keep our heads down and keep working. Not a lot to speak of in terms of injury. I’m sure there will be bumps and bruises. I will have more information on Tuesday for you guys in that regard.

Was there anything you did different schematically to put pressure on the quarterback?

I just thought our big people won. Cam Heyward and company, obviously T.J. Watt had a huge day, but I just thought largely those guys won the one-on-ones and that is what’s required.

Did the offensive line and defensive line gel more this game than any other?

That’s an easy assessment. We ran the ball, they didn’t. We protected our quarterback, they didn’t.

What did you think of L.J. Fort?

Quality effort and play, but not only L.J. A couple other guys have to step up, but I appreciate their efforts. L.J. played big football for us today.

What goes into making the call of Joe Haden shadowing Julio Jones?

It’s a myriad of variables. Obviously, we felt comfortable. It’s less about Joe and Julio and more about the ramifications of the trickledown of other people, and so we know that Joe is game for the challenge and Joe did a heck of a job today. But we got comfortable with what it did with others in terms of their assignments, and I think that is critical. Joe deserves a lot of credit obviously for minimizing him, a significant guy like that, but I think the other guys deserve credit because it is an adjustment for them in terms of their normal travel and so forth when they are matching up.

Did the corners get enough separation to change the rotation?

You know we’ll look at the tape. I’m not ready to make those adjustments as I sit here.

Can you speak on Roosevelt Nix and the punt block?

Big football play, but we expect that from Rosie [Roosevelt Nix] and that group. We got a unique veteran group in terms of some of our core special teams players. Guys like Rosie, guys like Tyler [Matakevich], Larry Fort [L.J. Fort] and others. That band has been together for some time so I think it’s reasonable to expect splash plays from them, but that doesn’t mean we appreciate it any less. A significant play by Rosie Nix.

Re: What accounted in giving James Conner the ball so much?

We wanted to be balanced, but obviously we were in the game. Time was not a factor the way it’s been in some others so we were able to maintain that balance and allow him and the offensive line to control the environment a little bit better.

Re: Did the hands to the face penalties look like they were on purpose?

Those look like legitimate calls, we got to be better there but some of  the other stuff is a joke. We got to get better a National Football League. These penalties are costing people games and jobs. We got to get them correct so I am pissed about it to be quite honest with you but that’s all I will say on it.

Transcript provided by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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