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Pittsburgh Steelers LB T.J. Watt

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The Pittsburgh Steelers got something they'd needed badly through four weeks of play in the 2018 NFL regular season on Sunday afternoon - defense. The entire defense looked much better up front and in the backfield. One guy who had been relatively quiet leading up to the win over the Atlanta Falcons, however, was T.J. Watt. Watt turned his amp to 11 against Atlanta, though, earning three sacks and one that put Steeley McBeam's steel-toed boot squarely on the Falcons' throat.

With around eight minutes left in the game, Matt Ryan was able to hit Julio Jones on a couple passes before Watt swatted one away. Ryan couldn't get anything going. When the Steelers offense took the field, they couldn't either and called in Jordan Berry to punt. To the surprise of many, Berry really nailed a nice kick that was downed by Brian Allen at Atlanta's two-yard line.

Cranked up and ready to rock with the Falcons pinned with their backs against their end zone, Ryan was nearly intercepted by Artie Burns (ruled incomplete due to loss of control) and then Watt happened? Watt happened.

Watt was able to streak from the outside linebacker position into the offensive backfield, beating the offensive tackle to grab and strip the ball out of Ryan's hands. After the ball rolled around, L.J. Fort was able to corral it in the end zone for a defensive touchdown. It gave the Steelers a 41-17 lead that they would not relinquish.

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