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Pittsburgh Steelers K Chris Boswell

There’s been something awfully consistent about the Steelers last four trips to Cincinnati.

If you answered “they’ve won all of them” you would be correct. However, another overlooked fact is how those games have all played out: with the Steelers offense sputtering at times and almost fully relying on one player to bail them out…

That one player is Chris Boswell.

In their last four trips to Cincinnati the Steelers have relied on Boswell perhaps more than any other player. Sure, there have been dynamic plays from DeAngelo Williams to William Gay to Le’Veon Bell, but if you’re looking for who needs to bring their “A” game on Sunday, look no further than Pittsburgh’s placekicker.

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Over those last four games on the road, here is how Boswell’s stats have stacked up:

Date Field Goals
December 13th, 2015 4
January 9th, 2016 4
December 18th, 2016 6
December 4th, 2017 3
Four Games Total 17

Six of Boswell’s 17 attempts were of 45 yards or more; adding two more attempts, eight total field goals converted were from the 40-49-yard range.

That may leave a sinking feeling in your stomach and with good reason. Through five weeks of this season Boswell has missed three of his six field goal attempts. All three of those attempts have been from the 40-49 yards range.

Boswell has also missed three extra point attempts, the equivalent of 33-yard tries.

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With the Steelers potentially relying heavily on Boswell's leg this Sunday, it's imperative he's at his best. Looking at the last four trips to Cincinnati, here’s how Boswell’s 51 total points scored have contributed to Steelers victories:

Date Team Score Boswell Team Score
12/13/2015 Steelers 33 12 Bengals 20
1/9/2016 Steelers 18 12 Bengals 16
12/18/2016 Steelers 24 18 Bengals 20
12/4/2017 Steelers 23 9 Bengals 20

Winners of the last six games against the Bengals overall, the Steelers AFC North foe has even played them close at Heinz Field:

Date Team Score Boswell Team Score
9/18/2016 Steelers 24 3 Bengals 16
10/22/2017 Steelers 29 15 Bengals 14

Needless to say, the Steelers will need their newly minted kicker to have a superb game this Sunday at Paul Brown Stadium. If there were ever a venue or an opponent for Boz to bounce back against, however, the safe bet would be that he does so against the Bengals.

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