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Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin watches practice during the 2018 NFL regular season

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin held a press conference immediately following the Steelers game. Here's a breakdown of of the coach's comments about their performance.

Opening Statement

Really big performance against versus a really good team on a short week so there is a lot to be proud of, but we are probably not that good. You get games like that sometimes. The ball gets rolling down hill, we are appreciative of it. It was a great atmosphere tonight. Man, we’ll enjoy this long weekend and get ready to roll up our sleeves and fight again but great night tonight, great atmosphere, Steeler Nation was out.

Not a lot to speak of from an injury standpoint. James Conner is in the protocol, but I do not know to what extent. I am sure we’ll have more information the next time we come together. The rest are just bumps and bruises associated with play. I like the contributions from a lot of people. We came into tonight with a mentality that we had to play everyone in a helmet, that’s just part of short week football and I thought everyone came with that spirit and got contributions from a lot of people. The distribution of the football on offense is reflective of that.

Can you elaborate on the depth you talked about earlier in the week, can you talk about your two deep?

I am not making more out of it than what it is. We believe that every man can be a valuable component of our success. We stated that before the game, that was our intentions and they did. We are appreciative of their efforts and we expect it. They are all professional and they prepare like it. They need to be prepared when their number is called. They are generally, and they were tonight.

The first play with JuJu Smith-Schuster, how much can one play dictate the flow of the game and outcome?

Well it was the first play of the game so obviously there is going to be some gas when you score in one play, but we’ve seen that so many times. There is too much ball after that to think that is the defining moment. It’s not. It was a great moment but whether it was positive or negative the games are never defined by plays that occur that early.

Re: How far have you come in the possession downs after struggling with Baltimore in that area

I don’t know if that is distance we covered or if that was just a bad outing - that first Baltimore game from a possession down standpoint. Largely we have been solid, but that game was not and that’s probably the moral of the story. We can’t have those type of days. You have those type games, you’ll lose football games.

Can you speak on the pressure on the quarterback that had impact on the game?

Before you get an opportunity to put pressure on them you have to minimize the run game. That’s the number two running team in football. He’s dangerous [Cam Newton], [Christian] McCaffrey’s dangerous. The big thing is I thought we kind of got that under control after the first drive and once we got that under control then we had opportunities to rush but you saw that first drive you saw how they went down the field. There was not a lot of opportunities to rush there because they were running the ball effectively so once we go that settled down it provided the opportunities.

You had seven different guys score touchdowns, was that game plan just Ben [Roethlisberger] finding the open man?

It was good execution, but you know to a degree like I said earlier. The ball was rolling downhill tonight. You’d like to think that you are that good but you’re not.

Re: Antonio Brown's growth over the years

I am just reviewing the game. I am not talking broad brush things such as that. He’s been playing a long time that is what professionals do.

What is important for Chris Boswell to hit the 50-yard field goal?

It was important for me. I don’t know if it was for him, but I enjoyed it.

Transcript provided by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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