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Pittsburgh Steelers CB Joe Haden
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Steel City Underground presents "Plays of the Year" featuring the tops runs, catches, hits and everything else in-between from the Pittsburgh Steelers 2018 season.

Joe Haden may end up as one of the greatest Steelers free agent signings ever – but he generally doesn’t receive that hype due to being added at the end of the preseason (rather early in free agency) and because he quietly shuts down his side of the field.

The gift from the Cleveland Browns keeps on giving, and against his former team, in this highlight play from the AFC North opponents second tangle of the 2018 season.

Into the second quarter the Browns were giving the Steelers fits. Up 6-0, Cleveland missed a field goal giving Pittsburgh an opportunity to go down the field and take the lead 7-6.

Baker Mayfield and company started to answer, crossing into Steelers territory. On third down, the top overall pick in this year’s draft went deep with a pass intended for Damion Ratley but instead, Cleveland’s former Pro Bowl cornerback, Haden, made this sensational play to take the ball away.

Five plays later, the Steelers offense would score a touchdown off of Haden's turnover, building their halftime lead to 23-12.

The Steelers would go on to win by a final score of 33-18.

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