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Watch: Steelers penalty called on "all linemen except center"
NBC Sunday Night Football

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Just how bad was the Steelers performance on Sunday Night Football against the New England Patriots?

Scouring the game film, there wasn’t truly a play that could be defined a was “much watch” or “play of the game” in the sense that it was something positive. Rather, this play, one in which there was a penalty, was the major highlight of the night.

In what could only sum up a bad evening of football for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey left the field as his backup, B.J. Finney took over.

And that’s where the unintended hilarity ensued.

Apparently, Finney was the only of the five offensive linemen to get the snap count wrong: kind of an important thing for the center! Referee Clete Blake even joined in on the chuckles while announcing the penalty, quipping “All the linemen except the center.”

If you somehow missed the game and think that’s a joke, it’s not: the official NFL gamebook would list the play as spoken by Blakeman too.

(6:06) (Shotgun) PENALTY on PIT, False Start, 5 yards, enforced at PIT 25 - No Play. penalty called on "all linemen except center"

In all it was an exclamation point on a failure to execute for the Steelers, who fell to the Patriots on the road by a final score of 33-3.

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