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Pittsburgh Steelers DE Stephon Tuitt

Studs and Duds takes a look at the winners and losers from each of the Pittsburgh Steelers games during the 2019 season. Check with us after every game each week for our list, and to also see who climbed, or fell, down the rankings.

A seismic shift of proportions occurred on Sunday in a 28-26 Steelers loss. However, that loss was full of positive, individual performances… and lowlighted by some negative individual ones as well.

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Offensive Line

The Steelers offensive line once again finds themselves on this list after only giving up a single sack to the Seahawks defense on Sunday. Through two games, Steelers quarterbacks have only been brought down twice.

That’s critical as the season moves ahead without Ben Roethlisberger.

Mason Rudolph

Say what you will, but the young quarterback didn't look like a dear in headlights whatsoever, despite being called upon to enter halfway through the game.

Rudolph would finish the day 12-of-19 for 112 yards with two touchdown passes. (His interception is noted below and was out of his "hands".)

Vance McDonald

After being listed as a “dud” last week, the Vanimal broke free with a 7-catch performance which included two-touchdown receptions. He was clearly Mason Rudolph’s security blanket in the redzone and a clutch performer throughout the game.

Stephon Tuitt

Tuitt obliterated the Seahawks offensive line with 2.5 sacks. He was a force to be reckoned with.

T.J. Watt

Watt was another force, drawing penalties and forcing fumbles. He also added a sack and was disruptive throughout the day.

Cameron Sutton

Sutton arrives on the “studs” side of things with two insanely brilliant back-to-back tackles which stopped opponents dead in their tracks. It was refreshing to see the younger cornerback perform at the level we’ve been expecting since being drafted several years ago.

Terrell Edmunds

Despite being jobbed by the NFL’s replay system, I felt Edmunds had a breakout game where he was in position countless times including a huge pass breakup down the field on a play very similar to the one he should’ve never had overturned. (And in fact, he nearly intercepted that pass too!)

Look for more splash plays from the second-year safety soon, as he’s just good at football.

Steven Nelson

Speaking of good, the “glove” was tested constantly throughout the Seahawks game and kept coming back with play after play. He officially only had one pass defensed on the stats sheet, but was responsible for limiting opponents from making big plays.

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Donte Moncrief

Moncrief had the vote of confidence from Big Ben going into the game, but that didn’t age well as the receiver was unable to maintain hold of a nicely thrown pass by Mason Rudolph: which then slipped out of his fingers and into the awaiting arms of a Seahawks DB.

The play was a costly one and will likely not be forgotten anytime soon. I hope that Moncrief, if still injured, gets healed up as he can be an asset for the Steelers offense. However, injured, he is a major liability who shouldn’t be on the field at this time.

Ben Roethlisberger

I had to say it, but Ben’s injury gave him a dud performance in the first half. His 8-for-15 passing was a very un-Ben-like 53.5% completion percentage, as the offense punted on four of their first five possessions.

The other possession? A James Conner touchdown run from the Seattle one-yard line following a fumble recovery, where Big Ben failed to complete three of his attempted throws, but luckily had one flagged attempt for Jaylen Samuels penalized for Defensive Pass Interference.

Anthony Chickillo

Chickillo missed a key tackle which allowed Rashaad Penny to burst out of the backfield for a 37-yard touchdown run.

Dan McCullers

Intentional or not, his penalty on the first Seahawks field goal gave Seattle a first down and eventually, seven points instead of three.

A critical moment in what was a two-point finish.

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