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Pittsburgh Steelers QB Devlin Hodges

In Tuesday’s press conference, Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin was quoted as saying:

Like we said in here the other week, when we are dealing with circumstances, we had red paint, so we painted our barn red. OK, now maybe yellow. We will continue to lean on the strengths of our collective group and work to minimize their weakness.

Coach Tomlin’s comments were directed toward losing Jaylen Samuels to a knee injury for the next month, however, the quote is applicable all over as the team continues to deal with some significant in-game injuries, most notably that which occurred to QB Mason Rudolph.

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That led to Devlin Hodges playing 26 snaps in the second half.

James Washington left the game, opening a small window for Ryan Switzer to see his first action on offense in over two games. Likewise, another surprising entrant on the field was DE Tyson Alualu: but not on the defensive side of the ball, as he entered as a fullback in a goal line situation.

Another first-time player for this season was Jordan Dangerfield. The special teams stalwart entered the game on a goal line subpackage. Jayrone Elliott also saw a few snaps in this game, as did Tyler Matakevich.

The more noticeable move was bringing Kameron Kelly out to help defend against the Ravens offense. He was often a third safety on the field, playing his most snaps (10) in the last three weeks since the Steelers acquired Minkah Fitzpatrick. (Previously Kelly only logged a single total snap in weeks three and four.)

Here are the full snap counts for the Steelers on both sides of the ball.

Steelers Offense

Player Snaps Pct
Alualu 1 2%
Banner 4 7%
Conner 48 80%
DeCastro 60 100%
Feiler 60 100%
Finney 1 2%
Foster 60 100%
Hodges 26 43%
Holton 20 33%
Johnson 55 92%
McDonald 37 62%
Pouncey 60 100%
Rudolph 33 55%
Samuels 15 25%
Smith-Schuster 55 92%
Switzer 2 3%
Vannett 30 50%
Villanueva 60 100%
Washington 33 55%

Steelers Defense

Player Snaps Pct
Adeniyi 10 12%
Alualu 15 19%
Barron 32 40%
Bush 74 91%
Dangerfield 1 1%
Dupree 78 96%
Edmunds 69 85%
Elliott 3 4%
Fitzpatrick 80 99%
Haden 80 99%
Hargrave 40 49%
Heyward 69 85%
Hilton 33 41%
Kelly 10 12%
Matakevich 7 9%
McCullers 9 11%
Nelson 80 99%
Sutton 10 12%
Tuitt 68 84%
Watt 71 88%
Williams 52 64%

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