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Watch: Minkah Fitzpatrick's 96-yard pick six ties the game in the second quarter
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After falling behind early in the game by a 10-3 margin, the Pittsburgh Steelers were trying to contain the Indianapolis Colts from scoring more points as their opponent marched down to the Pittsburgh 11-yard line in the second quarter.

That’s when fate would strike once again: Minkah Fitzpatrick.

A somewhat controversial move was made to acquire the former Miami Dolphins first round pick earlier in the season; controversial depending on whom you ask. The Steelers spent a future first round pick to acquire the one of last year’s top ten draft selections and overall top safeties. Many were questioning if the high cost would pay off.

Those questions were answered on Sunday, as Fitzpatrick would make a play that would remind Steelers fans of another famous safety from years ago!

Colts QB Brian Hoyer, subbing for an in-game injury to starter Jacoby Brissett, steps back to pass as his pocket quickly collapses. The TV camera almost makes it look like Hoyer connects with his intended target for another touchdown, but Fitzpatrick was so fast in stepping in front of the ball that even Hoyer may have blinked and missed it as no Colts players were anywhere in sight to stop the safety from scoring.

The Steelers would go on to win the game with a final score of 26-24.

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