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SCU Weekly NFL Pick'em

Each week a panel of SCU contributors will pick their winners and losers. Let’s see who does the best by the end of the season!

It's still a tight race here at SCU! Last week's picks were all over the place, scattering some of the previous leaders into multiple-way ties.

With that in mind, here are last week's picks along with SCU's Week 10 NFL Picks.

Last Week's Picks

SCU’s 2019 NFL Pick’em: Week 9

This Week's Picks

SCU’s 2019 NFL Pick’em: Week 10

This Week's Standings

Name Record
Mike P. 13-1
Derek 10-4
Eric 10-4
Joe 10-4
Zach 10-4
Tina 9-5
Brian 8-6
Mike S. 8-6
Noah 8-6
Ryan 8-6
Terry 8-6
Zac 8-6
Chase 7-7

Overall Records

Place Name Record
1 Mike P. 88-47
1 Mike S. 88-47
2 Brian 87-48
3 Tina 86-49
4 Eric 84-51
4 Joe 84-51
5 Noah 83-52
6 Derek 80-55
6 Zac 80-55
7 Ryan 79-56
8 Zach 77-58
9 Chase 76-59
9 Terry 76-59

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