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Steelers vs. Rams Quick Yinzing

"Quick Yinzing" is Steel City Underground's post-game feature where there is no research, no stats, all "Renegade" and reactions in recapping the Pittsburgh Steelers' game performance.

Once again, the Pittsburgh Steelers started out with a self-inflicted injury on offense with Maurkice Pouncey getting careless with the snap and Mason Rudolph with no chance to grab it before the Los Angeles Rams were able to corral it and take it into the end zone. That could have put the boot on the throat of a struggling Steelers team but the black and gold rebounded from the rough start to get plenty of pressure on Jared Goff, limit Cooper Kupp, get the crowd involved, and make some splash plays on defense that gave the offense and placekicker Chris Boswell opportunities to put points on the scoreboard.

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Up by just five points, the Steelers defense was able to prevent what would have been a hail mary-type touchdown pass from Goff thanks to a breakup (that may or may not have involved interference although it was not called) by Terrell Edmunds. After an offensive drive that went nowhere, the Steelers punted and the ball hit Artie Burns from behind. The Steelers fell on it although it gave the Rams offense another opportunity to try to come back. In what some might call a double-Renegade night, T.J. Watt forced a sack-fumble that the Rams recovered, and then with just over 30 seconds left in the game Mike Hilton knocked down a pass meant for Kupp but was called for interference (possible holding). With the air fully charged, the energy palpable, the Steelers were able to end the game with an interception by Minkah Fitzpatrick (ball tipped by Joe Haden as Bud Dupree pressured Goff from behind). The Steelers move to 5-4 on the season with the 17-12 win.

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Fitzpatrick was the beneficiary of a loose ball touchdown return after Javon Hargrave was able to get into the Rams' offensive backfield and pop the ball out of Goff's hand. With Hargrave credited for the strip-sack, the recovery gave the Steelers a 14-7 lead that they didn't relinquish although things got way too close for comfort in the late moments of the game. Fitzpatrick and the Steelers' defensive backfield have been playing out of their minds and this weekend it was clear why strength along the defensive line, especially from Cam Heyward earning sacks and batting at balls, creates opportunities for guys like Steven Nelson to add their own high points on the game.

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There were a lot of things that went wrong in this game for the Steelers. There were quite a few things that went right, however. In the end, it was the play of the defense that once again kept the Steelers in the game for a win. Rudolph did have some nice hook-ups with James Washington, Diontae Johnson, and JuJu Smith-Schuster, which is nice progress, but there were still several drops by targets that did little to help the young quarterback sustain drives.

Four takeaways in this game by the Steelers - including Jordan Dangerfield's hit on Johnny Hekker as he attempted a fake punt that resulted in an interception by Trey Edmunds (not Terrell) - continue to be difference-makers in games that have been too close for comfort. Still, a win is a win and Steelers Nation will gladly celebrate and take it.

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