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Pittsburgh Steelers CB Joe Haden
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The Pittsburgh Steelers had just gone up 7-6 in their 2018 home rematch with the Cleveland Browns, where the previous game had ended with both teams unable to win, a 21-all tie up in Cleveland during Week 1 of the season.

A castoff of the Browns, Joe Haden, was happily added to the Steelers roster during the previous offseason and the former Pro Bowl cornerback was beginning to look like his old self with a healthy season thus far.

The Browns, however, were struggling as a team. Baker Mayfield had gained a reputation throwing interceptions and head coach Hue Jackson was on the hotseat after going 2-4-1, unable to close several games which went to overtime.

The Steelers would aid the Browns in this game, starting with this play.

Into the second quarter the Browns were giving the Steelers fits. Up 6-0, Cleveland missed a field goal giving Pittsburgh an opportunity to go down the field and take the lead 7-6. Baker Mayfield and company started to answer, crossing into Steelers territory.

On third down, the top overall pick in that year’s draft went deep with a pass intended for Damion Ratley but instead, Cleveland’s former player had some payback as Haden made this sensational play to take the ball away.

The Steelers would go on to thump the Browns 33-18 and send Hue Jackson, along with former Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley (who was hired for the same job by Cleveland) to the picket line as the team fired both coaches the following morning.

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