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Studs and Duds takes a look at the winners and losers from each of the Pittsburgh Steelers games during the 2019 season. Check with us after every game each week for our list, and to also see who climbed, or fell, down the rankings.

I haven’t done this column in awhile because it seemed as if it were really nitty-picky to find a “dud” each week for the Steelers. There could always be scapegoats and there were some outstanding plays, yet, there wasn’t a collection large enough to merit an entire article…

Until Sunday’s win over the Arizona Cardinals that is!

A number of players truly stood out in the Steelers 23-17 victory. Here’s who made the list.

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T.J. Watt

Seemingly showing up with big plays every week, Watt once again made his case to be the league’s Defensive MVP, this time with a huge redzone interception after dropping into coverage.

He would finish the day with only one tackle and no sacks, but the splash play is what everyone will remember as the Steelers defense leads the NFL in takeaways.

Diontae Johnson

Johnson was all that and a bag of chips on Sunday. After being criticized by a blogger for his play as a punt returner, Johnson made that person eat their words with an 85-yard touchdown return which sparked a Steelers victory.

But it wasn’t only his special teams play that stood out.

Johnson made the most of his touches, including some spectacular catches (one for a touchdown) and an end-around run play that made him look like Barry Sanders on a 16-yard scamper.

He was a stud and then some on Sunday.

Joe Haden

Two interceptions and three total in two games.

Teams have been trying to test Joe Haden more often this season and he’s making them pay for doing so. Total stud play that should remind us that Haden used to be considered the best defensive player (and a Pro Bowler) on the Cleveland Browns.

He's on such a good defense now that he often gets lost in the shuffle and is making his own case to be considered elite again.

Devlin Hodges

The undrafted rookie quarterback continues to have ice in his veins completing 84.2% of his passes for 152 yards and a touchdown, in route to defeating another top overall draft pick and former Heisman Trophy winner, now in back-to-back weeks.

James Washington

Washington caught all four of the passes thrown his way on Sunday; three of those went for first downs.

Two more would-be targets turned into pass interference calls in favor of the Steelers, as Washington could not be covered by Cardinals CB Byron Murphy.

For those of us who have seen Washington practice, we were waiting for this type of breakout as he makes these plays look routine on off-days. The wait is now over!

Bud Dupree

No longer dropping back into coverage as often as he had his previous four season, Dupree has been unleashed and once again was a defensive force with a sack and three more tackles for a loss on Sunday.

Paired with Watt, some are beginning to recognize the duo as a pair of the NFL's best pass rushers.

Chris Boswell

Did we forget Boswell’s job was on the line this Summer?

If not, this game served as a catalyst to put any doubt of Boswell’s abilities to rest, as the Steelers kicker made three field goals and two PAT’s against the Cardinals.

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Jordan Berry

Berry had thought he had the go-ahead to run a fake punt with about eight minutes left in the game and the Steelers up by ten points.

Instead, he missed the players upfront waiving the play off and ran into a brick wall – fumbling the football and losing eight yards.

The play set Arizona up for seven points, closing the gap to a Steelers 20-17 lead.

The play could’ve been further costly, but luckily the Steelers held up and the turnover didn’t cost them the game. Therefore, Berry (who had a tremendous 69-yard punt during this game as well) ends up on the dud list this week.

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