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Pittsburgh Steelers RB Benny Snell
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While Sunday’s final regular season game of the 2019 NFL season for the Pittsburgh Steelers was an ugly one, there were a few bright spots throughout that should get fans geared up for next season, such as this set of runs by rookie running back Benny Snell Jr.

Subbing once again for an injured James Conner, Snell carried the primary workload in Pittsburgh’s backfield.

Down 6-0 to start the second quarter, the Steelers needed something to click on offense and that happened with three consecutive Snell runs.

The first gained only two yards on a 2nd-and-3 situation from the Baltimore 25, setting up a 3rd-and-1 play where Benny would blast through Baltimore’s defensive front and gain 19 yards, before capping off what should’ve been a touchdown run on third down, with a first-and-goal four-yard jolt that may have reminded some long-time fans of bruising backs of yesteryear.

Unfortunately the offensive strike which spanned 61 yards over nine plays and 4:24 minutes of game time would fizzle, as this would end up the Steelers only touchdown in a 28-10 loss to the Ravens, which also cemented their exit from postseason contention.

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