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Ben Roethlisberger laterals to Le'Veon Bell

Steel City Underground presents "Steelers Throwback Thursday" featuring plays from recent seasons which you may have forgotten about! Now we're "bringing them back!"

2017 appeared to be a season of destiny until it wasn't. The Killer B's were finally healthy and accounted for, but a tragic injury to LB Ryan Shazier sabotaged the Steelers defense through the month of December. In spite of that huge loss, Pittsburgh still entered the 2017 NFL Playoffs with a bye and would host the Jacksonville Jaguars during the NFL's Divisional Round.

While the game ended as a disappointment to a great season, we can look back and appreciate some of the great plays that the Steelers offense, and in particular, Ben Roethlisberger, made to keep their team in the game... especially with the way things went this season without either of them on the field.

Despite being down and seemingly out after falling behind 21-0, the Steelers never gave up and kept firing back all game. With the Jaguars vaunted defense, the Steelers often had to come up with creative plays, making professional football look more like a kid's game.

This play best exemplifies that from this Divsional Round matchup, when Roethlisberger ran up in the pocket, avoided contact, and then lateraled to Le'Veon Bell, who juked past a defender and dove between two more for a touchdown.

Despite the incredible effort the Steelers would still fall out of the playoffs with a 45-42 loss to the Jaguars.

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