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Bold Predictions Super Bowl LIV

With a wild Week 17 finalized in the 2019-20 NFL regular season, the wild-card round of the league's postseason kicks off this weekend with the Buffalo Bills at the Houston Texans (AFC) and the Tennessee Titans at the New England Patriots on Saturday with the Minnesota Vikings visiting the New Orleans Saints and Seattle Seahawks visiting the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. Every week throughout the regular season, members of our Steel City Underground team conversed in the backrooms before offering their bold predictions in regard to how the Pittsburgh Steelers would do against their upcoming opponents. It seemed fitting to ask "Team SCU" who they think will grab the Lombardi Trophy this year as the Super Bowl LIV champions.

In the AFC, the Baltimore Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs earned first-round byes for the playoffs. In the NFC, it was the San Francisco 49ers and Green Bay Packers who earned first-round byes. The playoffs will actually span five weeks, with wild-card, divisional and conference championship rounds scheduled for consecutive weeks while the Pro Bowl will be held prior to Super Bowl 54.

The teams playing for all the glory are:

(AFC) Baltimore Ravens, Kansas City Chiefs, New England Patriots, Tennessee Titans, Buffalo Bills, and Houston Texans.

(NFC) San Francisco 49ers, Green Bay Packers, Seattle Seahawks, Philadelphia Eagles, New Orleans Saints, and Minnesota Vikings.

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Team SCU's Super Bowl Predictions

While it was a consensus effort, the picks were far from unanimous. While several of our experts felt that this may be Drew Brees and the Saints' year, there were others who saw teams that should be considered - and possibly taken more seriously - in the race for the elusive championship that all 32 teams in the NFL seek every single season.

The predictions (in no certain order):

Joe Kuzma:

Saints vs. Chiefs with Drew Brees going out in style with a New Orleans win!

Ryan Lippert:

Saints over Ravens.

Terry Fletcher:

Saints vs. Ravens - A high-scoring game with everything the advertisers want. 43-35, Saints win.

Derek Overly:

Ravens over Saints. Lamar Jackson will finish the perfect season for a player and get Super Bowl MVP on top of League MVP.

Ben Beberman:

I say Saints over Chiefs with Brees being named MVP.

Brian Roach: 

Saints win over somebody. Why? Because that’s what I want at this point.

Mike Sofis: 

Bills beat Saints. Same logic as Brian (lol).

Chase Hammes:

Saints over Chiefs. Michael Thomas, MVP.

Noah Freeman:

Everyone is saying Saints, so I say rematch of Super Bow 47 but the 49ers come out on top this time over the Ravens.

Zach Metkler:

Ravens over 49ers.

Christina Rivers: 

After hearing everyone else's thoughts, it wasn't easy for me to pick but I've had a Saints/Ravens vibe going. I think this is the year Drew Brees grabs the Lombardi (and may hang his career up with a big win).

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So, NFL fans, who do YOU feel will take home the Lombardi Trophy, grab a brand new diamond ring, and visit Mickey and Minnie Mouse at Disney? Feel free to leave your pick in the comments.

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