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SCU Weekly NFL Pick'em

Each week a panel of SCU contributors will pick their winners and losers. Let’s see who does the best by the end of the season!

Last Week's Picks (Wild Card Weekend)

SCU’s 2019 NFL Pick’em: Wild Card Weekend

This Week's Picks (Divisional Round)

SCU’s 2019 NFL Pick’em: Divisional Round

This Week's Standings (Wild Card Weekend)

Name Record
Eric 3-1
Ben 2-2
Brian 2-2
Chase 2-2
Derek 2-2
Joe 2-2
Mike P. 2-2
Tina 2-2
Zac 2-2
Mike S. 1-3
Noah 1-3
Ryan 1-3
Zach 1-3
Terry 0-4

Final Regular Season Overall Records

Place Name Record
1 Mike P. 160-96
2 Mike S. 159-97
3 Brian 158-98
3 Eric 158-98
4 Tina 155-101
4 Zac 155-101
4 Zach 155-101
4 Noah 154-102
4 Terry 154-102
5 Chase 151-105
5 Derek 151-105
5 Ryan 151-105
6 Joe 149-107

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