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One of the incredible plays that made Troy Polamalu a first ballot Hall of Famer
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Troy Polamalu is now a Hall of Famer, and a perfect time to reflect on one of the many incredible plays made by the former Pittsburgh Steelers safety.

Troy had always made incredible plays, whether it was more mind-blowing interceptions or jumping over the line to sack the quarterback, but this play was one of his all-time highlights.

It was 2008 and the Pittsburgh Steelers were playing the then, San Diego Chargers, at home in Western Pennsylvania. Week 11 and there was already a dusting of snow on the ground, the Steelers came into this matchup 6-3 on the season and coming off of a loss to Indianapolis at home during Mike Tomlin's second season as the Steelers head coach.

In the opening quarter, Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers hikes the ball and drops back as if to hand the ball off. It was not a typical play-action pass, but he motioned towards the lone-running back in the backfield before looking for his receivers. After a different 5-step drop, he looks and passes to Vincent Jackson, but drops the catch and Ike Taylor tips the ball into the air.

Troy Polamalu comes diving in and just barely scoops up the ball with his fingertip before getting up and running a few more yards after the interception.

The Steelers went on to win a defensive game, 11-10 to go 7-3 on the season. That win sparked the Steelers to only lose one game the rest of the season, going 9-1 and capping it off with their sixth Super Bowl victory against the Arizona Cardinals.

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