Watch: T.J. Watt’s strip sack, Hilton recovery, sets up Steelers first points against Indy

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Slighted by not winning the NFL Defensive Player of the Year award in 2019, T.J. Watt appears to be a man possessed on winning that honor in 2020.

The Steelers entered their game against the Colts Sunday on a three-game skid, losing their first games of the season after starting 11-0 and finding that their offense could not move the ball no matter what they tried.

Falling down 7-0 to Indianapolis, the Steelers D knew they had to come up with a big play to help the other side of the ball out – and they would lean on their defensive stars to do just that.

Following the Steelers third consecutive punt, and another three-and-out by their offense, the defense re-entered the field to face Philip Rivers for the Colts’ first possession at the start of the second quarter.

Rivers drops back to pass and then finds out how quickly things can go south. (And we don’t mean AFC South!)

Watt finds his way to Rivers as CB Mike Hilton comes on a blitz from the quarterback’s left side, making him react his way into the oncoming Watt – who whacks the passer’s arm, freeing the football.

As the pigskin bounces around the turf, Hilton quickly scoops up the ball and runs toward the endzone. Rivers would lose nine yards from the point of the sack while Hilton would gain 14 yards from the fumble recovery, moving the ball from the Colts offense having it at their own 32-yard-line to the Steelers offense taking the field at the 3.

Moments later James Conner would punch the ball across the goal line to get the Steelers their first points of the game.

The offense would continue to struggle into halftime, but a second half resurgence would see the Steelers come from behind and win the game by a final score of 28-24.

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