The best Steelers to wear each number: #46 Reggie Harrison

Each week of the 2021 offseason, Ben Beberman and Steel City Underground will look back at some great careers to find out which Steelers were the best to wear each jersey number. Stay tuned to see which fan favorites or forgotten greats are mentioned in this weekly series!

This edition of the “best to wear” is another player that is buried into the past: Reggie Harrison.

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A running back during the glory days of Chuck Noll, he became a contributor during the Steelers dynasty of the 1970s. While his career was very short, he was able to experience what many players dream of: hoisting a Lombardi Trophy.

During his time in Pittsburgh from 1974-1977, Reggie Harrison was a backup to the legendary Franco Harris. Drafted by the then St. Louis Cardinals in the 1974 NFL Draft, Harrison became a member of the Steelers after playing only one game for the Cardinals.

Standing at 5-11, 218 lbs. Harrison was another quintessential Pittsburgh Steelers running back.

He would go on to appear in 44 total games for the Steelers, with a total of 139 carries for 631 yards with a 4.5 yards-per-carry average. Harrison would score eight touchdowns in his short tenure as well.

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While his numbers pale in comparison to his peers, like Franco Harris, any player that can make a steady contribution to a team’s success is worthy of praise. He also happens to be the “best” player amongst the few who have worn the number 46 in franchise history.

However, we should remember those who sometimes have to share the spotlight. It is easily forgotten in the modern era that it is not just about a few men, but a group of men who put all their will to achieve the ultimate team goal: a Super Bowl ring on their finger.

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Many do not know his name or what he did, but Harrison’s contributions helped the Steelers start one of the most dominant dynasties in NFL history.

And that is something worth noting.

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