Watch: Freiermuth TD grab in double coverage the lone highlight in Bengals loss

Steel City Underground will pick an exceptional play of the game as a highlight each week of the Steelers 2021 regular season. Stay tuned as we hand-select the very best from the Black and Gold!

During Week 12’s road trip to Cincinnati, the Pittsburgh Steelers were caught off-guard in every phase of football, getting absolutely throttled by halftime, down 31-3 to the Bengals.

The game featured many low points for Pittsburgh, including turnovers, giving up big plays, and failure to capitalize on their own splash plays.

However, the lone touchdown scored by the Steelers continued to be a bright spot on the season. Tight end Pat Freiermuth once again made the impossible seam routine, catching yet another touchdown pass from Ben Roethlisberger that was anything but a “gimme”.

On 2nd & 2 with roughly three minutes remaining in the game, Big Ben dropped back to deliver a dime in the corner of the endzone. Freiermuth got behind Bengals CB Darius Phillips while another DB, Jalen Davis, attempted to deliver a blow to jar the ball loose.

Freiermuth would first secure the ball with only his right hand, tumbling to the ground, but getting both feet down before going out-of-bounds.

The play looked so unbelievable that it took a few times to realize that the rookie easily made the play. Unfortunately, the team was in no mood to celebrate and the garbage time touchdown was nothing more than formality as the Bengals rolled to a 41-10 win.

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