Steelers playoff scenarios going into Week 17

The Pittsburgh Steelers officially need help to make the playoffs as they go into their final two games of the regular season following the loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. They can still win the division or make the Wild Card.

These two scenarios are predicated on the Steelers winning their final two games against the Cleveland Browns and the Baltimore Ravens.

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Win the Division

This scenario is solely based on the Steelers winning two games while the Cincinnati Bengals lose both their last games. The Bengals face the Kansas City Chiefs at home, then face the Browns on the road.

This will be a tough sell with how well the Bengals have been playing and how poorly the Browns have been playing. Root for the Chiefs this weekend.

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Get a Wildcard

This scenario has a few teams in it but is plausible. In summary, three teams have to lose just one game for the Steelers to jump into (at least) the final wildcard spot: Miami Dolphins, Los Angeles Chargers, and the Las Vegas Raiders.

Miami Dolphins: @Titans, Patriots

  • Very likely they lose at least one game.

Los Angeles Chargers: Broncos, @Raiders

  • Most likely to win both games, but they are playing two division opponents.
  • Either the Chargers or Raiders HAVE to lose in Week 17, or this scenario is over (they face each other in Week 18).

Las Vegas Raiders: @Colts, Chargers

  • Carson Wentz is potentially out for the Colts, but they have won 8 of their last 10 games.
  • Either the Raiders or Chargers HAVE to lose in Week 17, or this scenario is over (they face each other in Week 18).

Each team only has to lose one game to put the Steelers above them by losing one less game. They will have an equal number of wins, but the Steelers will have fewer losses. The Ravens are out of this scenario via the Steelers defeating them in Week 18, thus losing their one game.

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I think the Wildcard scenario is the easiest, provided the Chargers have one bad game. The easiest and best scenario is to host a playoff game, so keep an eye out on the Bengals these last two weeks.

Summary for Week 17: root for the Chiefs, Titans, Broncos, and Colts.

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