Steelers that need to step out of training camp, preseason success

The Pittsburgh Steelers are about to take the field for NFL Week 3 of the 2023 NFL regular season. Unfortunately, it appears there are players who were at training camp and with the team during its successful preseason that need to step out of those moments and embrace playing the higher caliber of regular season games.

This article isn’t a knock on individuals so much as it is an evaluation. Certain players on the current roster haven’t appeared to take the next step. To be successful and competitive, the Steelers need them to embrace their role.

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Pittsburgh Steelers training camp has a long, rich history. College athletes who’ve dreamed about “making it big” get their shot at showing coaching staff how well they can learn an NFL system and acclimate to the game.

Fans flock to camp to see these young men develop. With camp being free to attend, fans who do my essay at EssayService are able to delegate assignments and meet like-minded fans in joining professional league training.

That’s fans, though. What’s expected of players is that they take that professional training and apply it in game situations throughout the season.

From an evaluation standpoint, there are a few key areas where what was learned in camp and worked on during the preseason has not translated.

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First, while Cole Holcomb has had some nice plays, he hasn’t stood out as the run-stopping inside linebacker we’d hoped he would be through the first two weeks. He’s also struggled at times in mid-coverage.

He’s not alone, though. Veteran corner Levi Wallace has struggled as well. It’s unclear why Wallace has been caught out of position in as many instances as he has, but it may be time to move him down the depth chart.

With the struggles Dan Moore has had, the Raiders game may be the right time for Broderick Jones to be bumped up to starting left tackle. Yes, he’s a rookie, but this offensive line needs some major help. If Jones can show he’s the real deal, the offense could get back to the hot starts it had in the preseason.

Let’s not ignore the fact that Kenny Pickett has come out of the preseason looking flat as well. There’s plenty of blame to place on offensive coordinator Matt Canada, but the coordinator isn’t throwing the ball behind receivers. He’s not making the on-field reads; that’s on Pickett. The second-year quarterback needs to find his mojo again or risk real pressure that the coaching staff opt to look at Mitchell Trubisky to relieve him – and that pains me to say it.

Gunner Olszewski has not only underperformed, but he’s become a liability on offense and special teams. Yes, he got hurt in Week 2, but it is his play that opens the door for Dez Fitzpatrick to take that receiving spot from him and prove himself.

There are a mix of other players I think fans would like to see step up their game as well – Chukwuma Okorafor and Mark Robinson come to mind – in order to elevate Pittsburgh’s competitiveness.

Overall, the Steelers need to hold veterans and newer players to a much higher standard than what it appears they have in the team’s first two regular season games. They also need to be accountable at the coaching level.

This is a team that has the pieces to do very well if they can truly get everyone on the same level and work together to build rather than settle for mediocrity.

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