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I am a woman. And I love football. Fortunately, in today’s sport’s world that statement isn’t shocking. I have never played the game but I grew up in an SEC college football town with a Dad who coached little league. I also had a Mom who loved football. She told me once that she initially started watching as a way to spend time with my Dad but she grew to love the game over the years. Some of my earliest memories are of being at my Dad’s little league games and being a cheerleader. I didn’t understand much about the game but I knew what a touchdown was and that was enough.

I attended college at that same SEC school in my hometown and went to many games and events. At the age of 28 I moved to Boston. Of all the things I missed the most when I moved there, SEC football was the thing I missed the most. More than the weather, my hometown or even family, I missed football in the south!

I once again live in that small college town and I still watch college football on Saturday but my favorite league is the NFL. I became a Steeler’s fan when I got married. I never had a favorite pro team growing up and my husband was a Steeler fan. He taught me about the great dynasties of the 70s and the Steel Curtain. He taught me how to say Roethlisberger and all about Terrible Towels. Now I’m as big if not bigger fan than he is! Don’t tell anyone but I have never even been to Pittsburgh.

I love the athleticism and sheer magic that takes place on the field. Sometimes I feel like I’m watching a ballet and then the next minute it’s like watching a monster truck show; pure grace mixed with pure violence. I usually watch every Sunday game that is televised in our market as well as the Monday and Thursday night games.

I don’t understand why some women don’t like football. It can be a little complicated but it’s also an amazing and exhilarating team sport and it is uniquely ours as Americans. If you’re a guy who is with a woman who doesn’t like football, I truly feel sorry for you. I can’t imagine life without it!

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