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  1. Awesome read! I’m really hoping to see these players go off and step up this season. If that happens then I don’t see how the Steelers won’t be successful. From the looks of this Steelers Outlook here the Steelers have some solid talent and need the players to step up and success will follow.

  2. Awesome breakdown on Dotson! I would love to see Dotson become a starter for the team, I agree with the article and can definitely see him make an impact and prove his worth as a starter. Based on this Steelers Outlook here, I don’t see Dotson as a starter for this season. However, given his skill trait he for sure has potential to become a starter soon if he keeps improving and manages to stand out in preseason.

  3. Big Ben is an absolute legend! I love how this article highlights how great of a player Roethlisberger actually is. I read on this most valuable intel article that Ben Roethlisberger’s health and effectiveness is a huge x-factor to that, but if he can find a way to return to his Hall of Fame self, he’ll enjoy the most versatile supporting cast he maybe has ever had to work with It’s so great to see that he’s back training and healthy. This for sure will be an exciting season for the Steelers.

  4. I hope they don’t move on from Juju. Was just reading a Draft Intel article and learned a lot about this new class. Claypool and Juju are a match made in heaven. Speed, size, versatility. Man they could be something special together

  5. I really hope they don’t. Especially since they drafted Chase Claypool 1st overall. Him and JuJu provide size and speed together. Chase is going to be a monster in my opinion. Just read a Draft Intel article, and learned a lot about this draft class. I think the Steelers have gotten a lot better this offseason, and will see some serious productivity out of Claypool.

  6. I’m going to bookmark this article and come back after the season. Everybody loves Ebron, until they don’t.

  7. This list is great! A lot of quality players still left for the Steelers to pick from. I would love to see them pick up a running back to give them some backup for their offense. Jonathan Taylor is a great pick in my book. According to this one 2020 NFL Draft Rankings page, Jonathan Taylor is at the number one spot for top running backs in the draft.

  8. I ABSOLUTELY love this draft. Particularly those first four selections! If we could get Higgins and Akers both? Holy schmoly! I’d call it a winner draft. Then you went and added four more picks to those two! Well done. I’d love to see it!

  9. DAVE! You know we’re always on the same page. Thanks for reading my guy.

  10. Great article Zac. I absolutely positively agree. I REMAIN excited by the signing. Let’s get it going!

  11. Very good point on Glen Edwards. He very well could and possibly SHOULD be the selection there. His interception totals are significantly better than Williams’

  12. Would have used Glen Edwards as No. 27. He was the starting Free Safety from 73-77, including the first two Super Bowls. Wagner was the starting SS during that time. When Edwards left after a contract dispute after the 77 season, Wagner moved to FS and Shell became the starting SS.

  13. I must admit it is refreshing to read an article that comes across as professionally written, unbiased, and respectful of the players. My issue with the Steelers and Vance is the team’s under utilization of his abilities in the passing game (IMO). While I acknowledge the myriad of factors affecting this aspect of the Steelers O, I also feel there is enough tape displaying his capabilities in the passing game to warrant more opportunities. I believe given the right system and opportunities that McDonald could have considerable production placing him somewhere in tier 2/3 of all TEs.

  14. Because “someone” screwed up and grabbed the wrong one? (Looks around…)

    Fixed! Now the proper replay is there. Thanks Dave!

  15. Why is the replay for this column one a Joe Haden tackle in the Bills game?

  16. I could not possibly agree more Joe. I am so sick of ANYBODY that is saying otherwise. Could Mason have just let it go? Sure. Let’s say he could. But Garrett was still the instigator, amplifier and executor of the absolute meltdown which led to this abhorrent act. It sickens me that there are actual humans who believe Garrett is a victim. Disgusting.

  17. Yes.
    And yes!

    Good calls all the way around. I hope you ALL get it right.