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  1. Very good point on Glen Edwards. He very well could and possibly SHOULD be the selection there. His interception totals are significantly better than Williams’

  2. Would have used Glen Edwards as No. 27. He was the starting Free Safety from 73-77, including the first two Super Bowls. Wagner was the starting SS during that time. When Edwards left after a contract dispute after the 77 season, Wagner moved to FS and Shell became the starting SS.

  3. I must admit it is refreshing to read an article that comes across as professionally written, unbiased, and respectful of the players. My issue with the Steelers and Vance is the team’s under utilization of his abilities in the passing game (IMO). While I acknowledge the myriad of factors affecting this aspect of the Steelers O, I also feel there is enough tape displaying his capabilities in the passing game to warrant more opportunities. I believe given the right system and opportunities that McDonald could have considerable production placing him somewhere in tier 2/3 of all TEs.

  4. Because “someone” screwed up and grabbed the wrong one? (Looks around…)

    Fixed! Now the proper replay is there. Thanks Dave!

  5. Why is the replay for this column one a Joe Haden tackle in the Bills game?

  6. I could not possibly agree more Joe. I am so sick of ANYBODY that is saying otherwise. Could Mason have just let it go? Sure. Let’s say he could. But Garrett was still the instigator, amplifier and executor of the absolute meltdown which led to this abhorrent act. It sickens me that there are actual humans who believe Garrett is a victim. Disgusting.

  7. Yes.
    And yes!

    Good calls all the way around. I hope you ALL get it right.

  8. Goodness gracious! Thank you Joe! This narrative is about to drive me crazy! Thank you for writing a statistically supported and sensible piece about this subject! And I get the enamored view Steelers Nation takes of the downfield pass…. but the very same people (I’d be willing to bet on this!) that complain about us not “taking what the defense gives us” and just forcing the ball downfield too much are now complaining about the “dink & dunk” plays. Drives me absolutely bonkers!

    And hey, I like the big play as much as the next person, but frankly Mason could throw every ball behind the line of scrimmage as far as I care — IF we win. And lets be fair to him as well. He led this team to the brink of a win against the currently 4-1 Seahawks… if only the defense could have held them. And did the very same last week against the 3-0 49ers… if only we held on to the ball when we could have run the clock. Even in those two games, he put us in a position to get the W. Couldn’t close it out.

    As for me, I like what I see so far. I also believe as he grows in his NFL game (this season), we see him begin to take those shots. I just think he’s more “measured” than Ben at this point. That’s the line I’d bet on. #HereWeGo

  9. Mike, I agree, but I think a coaching change that most people seem to be overlooking is the loss of Mike Munchak coaching the offensive line. The OL group is still very talented, but so far they don’t seem to playing to the standard set over the last few years. If the OL plays better you would think that would translate to better running and passing (assuming that Fichtner starts creating a better plan). Just food for thought anyway.

  10. Agree Christina. I still have plenty of hope. I look forward to seeing what we have in Rudolph. I look forward to seeing how some of these young defensive (particularly) studs mature. And I sure as heck look forward to having a season without any extracurricular BS! I said in the off-season– and I (think I) still mean it — I’d rather lose without AB on this team than win with him and ALL his insanity! So, let’s go Steelers! Let’s see what we’ve got!

  11. Sorry Christina, that’s not what I meant to do. I was just stating that it seems more common than rare. I think I read somewhere yesterday that Steven Ridley — who has a reputation as a “fumbling RB” — has lost the ball once every 70ish touches over his NFL career. Conner’s number is currently at about one fumble every 69 touches. Yikes. That is too much. o.O

    Hopefully it gets better. WAY better.

    • Dave,
      Actually, I’m glad you said something. I try to make sure that I have all my facts and figures on point… and by saying that Conner’s fumble was “rare” (and I think I used that exact term on Twitter) was not statistically correct. Thank you for sharing your insights as well. I have gone over a lot of film from that game and it is evident that the offensive line was not sharp. Did that factor into Conner putting the ball on the ground? I can’t say with 100 percent certainty that it did or did not. In the end, if he wants to be the lead back on the Steelers offense, fumbles are not going to earn him much praise or respect – especially among his teammates – so he has got to clean that up (and that’s on him). I continue to be optimistic that things can and will turn around. There’s some tuning that needs to be done to this piano, but once it is? I’m hoping for a concerto!

  12. I agree 100%. Butler is the issue. We hear all the time about “communication” issues. That’s a coach problem. He should have been gone when they gave up 45 points or so to Bortles and the Jags in a home playoff game!!!

  13. I couldn’t agree more Mike! I am so fed up with what appears to be nearly complete & total ineptitude of the coaching staff to put together a sensible plan..

  14. Unfortunately, the fumbles are more common than rare in Conner. He’s had too many going back into last year even. That makes me sad. Also, I agree about the deal with Rudolph… hell, even the broadcasters were saying that they had to turn him loose and let him stretch the field. Other than 1-2 throws in the first half, they were SOOOOO conservative in their play-calling. When they did turn him loose to throw it downfield, things happened. How disappointing. Each week, I get closer and closer to fire them all (coaches)….

  15. Bunch of individuals not a team. No leaders. Coaching staff is flat.

  16. “This is crying over spilled milk, but when does replay become more about correcting obvious mistakes rather than determining outcomes in games? And when does a defensive player get the benefit of the doubt when it comes to making an attempt to make a play, which Edmunds clearly does here?”

    This is THE key point in my real concern with officiating. Well, besides the fact that the refs suck in general. But, beyond that, as this still picture clearly shows, Edmunds got his head around to make a play on the ball, which in and of itself should negate almost all contact but the most egregious. And egregious this was NOT! So, tired of this kind of pure horse manure…