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  1. I understand we have depth and the argument can be made that we do not need Bell. What this article does not provide, how does it compare with the rest of the league?

  2. The Steelers were fortunate to face so many awful QBs last season. I think the defense will improve from 2017 post Shazier, but they may actually drop statistically from facing better competition. Time will tell.

  3. If they don’t find a suitable trade offer, I don’t believe they will just release Jones, unless Dobbs clearly surpasses him, which I don’t expect.

    I’m pretty sure Tomlin has stashed QBs on IR more than once already.

  4. Please trade for something, I hated that pick when it happened but what could they feasibly get for him? I’d take a 7th but do ya think anything better, 5th or 6th, is a reality in your opinion? Just curious.

  5. They can’t afford to clog the 53 with four QBs, but I could see them trading Jones or stashing Dobbs on IR.

    • Not sure why everyone thinks a QB trade is in the books. The most likely suitor for Landry Jones would be his old OC Todd Haley in Cleveland, who has the first waiver priority. They’d just wait for him to be released rather than “pay” for him.

      Jones didn’t have a hot market for himself when free agency was rolling around either. That’s interesting considering what San Fran gave up for Jimmy G, who was in the same vein of backup purgatory with similar stats… it’s all intriguing and I’ve been yelled at and called a liar for suggesting your “IR” path with others before! 😉

  6. I absolutely LOVED Bucky Hodges when he was coming into the draft. I had the Steelers picking him in the late rounds in one of my mock drafts on my then website. It’s great to see him show his athletism and continue to impress at camp. Great stuff Zac!

  7. Joe, I’m with you on everthing except Dupree and sack totals. His rush game is built solely on speed because he is so bad with his hand usage. He will be going against (for the most part) quicker, more athletic tackles now, so I expect less of him in that regard. With teams running more to their right side, I expect him to do better because more often he can use his speed to chase down plays to that side. Hope i’m wrong and right. Also, love the AB pick!

  8. Bell’s average yards per reception are not enough to qualify as a #2 receiver. And with many pro bowlers on offense to pave the way for him, 4.0 yards per carry are not enough to be impressive. No carries over 29 yards. As high as his total production is, he can’t actually play 2 positions at once, so it’s ridiculous to pay him as if he could. You’re right that it’s too late to spend the money elsewhere this season, but they could’ve carried the cap space over to next year. As it stands, I agree to hope he has a great 2018, but I’ll be hoping to say good riddance after that.

  9. I heard an interesting trivia question but missed the answer and it sorta fits with your article and the by committee portion. When was the last time a 1.2000 yd RB made the super bowl? Granted maybe NE skews that a bit.

    And Joe I believe I have personally solved next yrs RB dilemma for next season. Remember a lot of fans complaining when they drafted Bell and not Lacy? Well go out and sign Lacy & DeAngelo…he’d probably give wrestling for another show. If one of them doesn’t sign…go talk up Rishard Mendenhall, get his passion back. He can always go back to writing for Ballers.

    Just to state the obvious Joe and to any other reader, although Joe you probably picked up on it lol, My RB solution is completely tongue in cheek. I didn’t wanted get bombarded with You Idiot and worse replies lol

  10. These are my thoughts almost exactly. I’ve been saying it for months — albeit, mostly to myself as my wife is tired of hearing it. 🙂

  11. I need to stop evaluating WRs in college lol. Along with Limas, who I’d forgotten even made it into season 2, I thought Coates was going to be good…not JuJu good but better than he turned out to be.

  12. Great article Joe. I especially liked your pt towards then end, completely agree w/you and hope no true Steeler fans will turn on him this season but it’s probably inevitable. I’m already waiting for the Bum and Good Riddance remarks from some.
    Personally I fall into the don’t pay that obscene amount, use the savings on a S, Pass Rusher, LB. Look for a talented RB early in the draft. 2 questions for you Joe. Any chance they rescind the franchise tag offer and let him go? Do you think Connor is talented enough to be a good RB next season? Personally I don’t believe so but granted he hasn’t had many opportunities.

  13. What…no Limas Sweed??? Man ya must be a tough grader lol

  14. Perfect analysis
    Btw… in Guatemala city, temp goes beetween lower 60’s to high 80’s depending on the season. (Guatemalan Steelers fan)

  15. Very informational. Nothing goes better with football than good food. TERRY always has great information. She is a natural.

    Tailgating and being able to watch football when you live out of market can be a challenge.

  16. As much as you know I love to play devil’s advocate, you couldn’t be more spot on IMO.

  17. My four would have been Bus, Hair, Silverback and the Smile.

  18. Throw Washington into the fire. I believe he has the route running ability and overall talent to make fans quickly forget about Martavis.

  19. Great article Joe. As much as I think it’s Hue, I still think my #1 choice for the hottest seat is Lewis. Harbaugh dies just enough to stay ahead of the executioner. I really believe Haslam is trying his damndest to establish some continuity (and swallowing hard on the horrid nature of his team), and that fact alone makes Hue’s seat slightly less warm. As absurd as it sounds, given the talent level of his team, I think Marvin is the most endangered of those three.

    Great write up. As always.

    • Brian and I covered this on a podcast a week or two ago… we mostly agree here, but I think all three could be on the way out by the end of 2018. The Ravens have a new GM and if Flacco flops and they mishandle Lamar Jackson, this team will be an utter mess which may need dismantled and rebuilt from the ground up!

      Lewis… shouldn’t even be coaching this year. Nuff said on him.

      Also agree on Hue. Only reason he’s there is consistency. They’ve had great coordinators only to screw the pooch each season. How on earth do you let Kyle Shanahan out of the building or only roll with Norv Turner for a single season? IMO ditch Jackson and retain Todd Haley and Gregg Williams… though that will never work because each coach has their own “vision” which usually means a change of schemes and personnel… that’s been their mess all along, and since they can’t get worse, I say “why not” when it comes to going another year with the status quo. (At least GM John Dorsey is getting things done, or so it appears.)