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  1. The Patriots always humiliate the Steelers, you know why? Because Belecheat out coaches Tomlin every time!! Well actually a pee wee football coach could out coach Tomlin. The man is an idiot, one of the worst coaches in the NFL. He looks like a deer in the headlights every 4th quarter. If the Steelers had a good coach like Belecheat or Andy Reid they would have won another SB or two the last so many years. But NO, we are stuck being Politically Correct and denying the truth, Tomlin is a horrible coach!!!

  2. I saw a poll today where Tomlin was voted the 14th best coach of all time. WHAT A JOKE!! He is not even the 14th best coach in the league right now!! If is wasn’t for Ben R and the offense Tomlin would have a 3- 13 record every year. Horrible coach, out coached EVERY WEEK!! If it wasn’t for Political Correctness Tomlin would have been fired years ago. Instead he gets phony accolades and frilly carnations.

  3. I saw a poll today where Tomlin was voted the 14th best coach of all time. WHAT A JOKE!! He is not even the 14th best coach in the league right now!! If is wasn’t for Ben R and the offense Tomlin would have a 3- 13 record every year. Horrible coach, out coached EVERY WEEK!! If it wasn’t for Political Correctness Tomlin would have been fired years ago. Instead he gets phony accolades and frilly carnations.

  4. Money comes first, but they all get paid. Only half of the players are able to win on any given Sunday, but they all want it more than the fans do. I hope no one really feels otherwise. Wanting it, and going about it the best way are two entirely different things, though.

  5. I do believe that a few are in it just for the money, ex. L Bell!

  6. I have wanted to move on from Bell ever since a couple years ago when he first demanded twice the pay of the second best RB in the league. The main reason the Steelers didn’t move on is that they were willing to overpay due to the dwindling opportunities to win a SB.

    I do not agree that Boz and Berry have been doing well overall this season. Berry has never done well overall. Boz is clutch, but his mechanics have been off all season. Even the blind man finds the hole sometimes.

    I didn’t suggest they should have been aggressive with Dobbs. I meant that as a general comment.

    They should have put Ben back in the game when he was cleared, not multiple series later. The OL rarely gives up sacks, and the raiders almost never sack the QB. It was a risk worth taking, and they could’ve also kept in a FB or TE for extra pass pro.

  7. If Boswell were a choker, I’d suggest replacing him. If he had lost his leg strength, I’d suggest replacing him. I believe his mechanics are off for some reason. It should be correctable. Not sure why it’s taking so long.

  8. So, Tomlin is saying that he is responsible for franchising Bell, when he could have used the money to obtain the best FA ILB, that he’s responsible for consistently underperforming when heavily favored, for consistently taking the pedal off the gas when leading, for playing backup QBs when the franchise QB is cleared to play, and for not switching the positions of the kicker and the punter❗❓ If he were truly responsible for all these things, then he should resign. Of course, I’m only kidding about switching the kickers, but could they be any worse if they switched? Ugh

    • That’s a lot of overreaction Jamie. For what reason would anyone have wanted to move on from Bell? There would’ve been riots over it with an unproven Conner.

      Same with Boswell and Berry: until we hit the losing streak, Boz had returned to form (mostly… when you compare to other kickers in the league too). Berry has gotten WAY better after struggling earlier.

      I thought they got too conservative with Dobbs under center, but heck, it’s a QB who has never played. How can you not be conservative when you’re in the lead? What happens when you blow the lead by having him hurl deep passes, etc.?

      They say Ben has a cracked rib. What happens if Tomlin forces him back out there and he gets creamed, breaks a rib or two, and is out the next 2-3 (big) games?

      A lot of no-win situations here! That’s why he makes the big bucks! (But seriously, I don’t want to hear about Bell. This situation is as much his fault if not more for stringing the team along.)

  9. This defense is just as bad as the offense when it comes to the turnover issue. But the offense is 4th in scoring and the defense is 16th. The offense definitely lacks consistency, and with all the money spent on them, they should improve that. Oakland would be a nice place to start!

  10. By my account, the Steelers have played 5 games against high quality teams and only won one. They have 2 more scheduled. If they somehow win both of them to get to a 3-4 record, I’ll consider them contenders.

  11. When reading your insight I felt an emotional connection of my frustration and sadness of losing two win able games. I also believe in my Steelers!

  12. It’s getting hard to watch the big 4 sports because of the officiating, but I don’t completely blame the officials. The rules are just way too subjective. It’s impossible to correctly determine pass interference or holding on most plays.

    • Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my piece. I appreciate it!!

    • Those are judgement calls and yes, subjective. Was there inadequate force hand-fighting or did a player gain an advantage with a small tug of the jersey… I can live with those ebs and flows. However, offsides and false starts aren’t subjective penalties. They are called if they happen. A few others like that are clearly black and white, like delay of game. I can even see allowing some leeway and letting the book bend, but it’s really hard to swallow the false start TD, an obvious shove in the back on the punt return which is right in the path of the returner (i.e. not out of the field of vision for the officials who should be watching the ball) and then the field goal attempts, where I don’t know how video replay isn’t involved in a situation which ultimately determines a winner more often than not (that is, running the clock down for a last-second field goal attempt).

      I think the NFL is going to have to revisit instant replay again to include any line of scrimmage infractions. The reason they probably did not do so already is because of what I already mentioned about those calls being cut and dry occurrences of “did it happen or not?” I also believe they probably do not want coaches being able to challenge the officials decisions on EVERY decision, which is somewhat understandable in one aspect, but preposterous when the zebras don’t do their job properly!

  13. I get the officiating was bad. But a great team, up 16, receiving the second half kickoff, grinds the ball, eats clock, scores, and keeps their foot on the opponents neck. Our pass/run ratio in the second half was over 2-1 pass. You pound the ball…you lean on the defensive line and wear them out, and pound some more. We had a 52 second possession in the 4th because we ran for five and then 2 incomplete passes in a row. Ben throwing 45 and 17 rushing plays times is not a winning plan.

    • We mention quite a bit of this on the podcast from yesterday, but since this article is specifically focused on blown calls I didn’t get into all of the details of Ben overthrowing Justin Hunter or Chris Boswell missing a PAT. Those were definitely plays which impacted the final result as well.

      Another thing I’ve mentioned in these losses or close games is how many touches James Conner gets. When he has 20 rushing attempts, the Steelers typically win. This trend even goes back to Le’Veon Bell and DeAngelo Williams over the last few seasons. Abandoning the run has been a losing formula and I honestly don’t understand why they do so when the game script doesn’t dictate it. Really the only game they had to get pass happy in was the Kansas City debacle and the fourth quarter comeback against the Jaguars.

  14. As far as the big picture goes, I think the Steelers will be fine with a poor TO ratio, because the offense benefits from being aggressive (which leads to more yardage, but more TO), and the defense benefits from being conservative (focused more on tackling and less on trying to steal the ball). But like you suggested, this game’s TO were mostly due to foolishness. Grimble was trying to lay a hit with the arm carrying the ball, just to be macho. Ben’s first INT was thrown towards Brown, even though he wasn’t looking at the QB. Conner already had a first down, so ball security should have taken even more precedence to flying for an extra yard. And Ben admitted that he threw that second INT because he didn’t Believe any defender could be in that spot. It would have been nice if he’d actually Looked before throwing the ball!

  15. My understanding is that NFL Films originally approached Art Rooney Sr and asked him if they could refer to his team as America’s Team. He declined, saying that the Steelers are Pittsburgh’s team! Subsequently, they received permission from the Cowboys.

  16. I think one of the reasons he was so emotional after that touchdown was due to just how poorly he had played earlier in the game. In a way, it was like redemption. And that feeling HAD to be a bit overwhelming.

    I’ve heard from several sources that the Jacksonville players were doing a LOT of on-field talking that was of a nature to get into the heads of Steelers players. I think, in some ways, that emotional and psychological battle was apparent until Pittsburgh finally said, “enough of this crap,” and decided to push back. This game was more physical, to me, than the Ravens games were – surprisingly, in fact. But there’s obviously some bad blood brewing between these two teams and as bad as the first three-quarters of the game went? It took heard to scramble back, and Ben did just that.