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  1. Over and over and over again I’ve watched Tomlin’s teams lose to the awful teams on the road and then beat most of the other teams on their schedule. It’s happened so many times that I can almost sense when one of those awful performances is nigh. I don’t get that feeling about this game. Fournette has returned and their backs are to the wall, so I expect maximum effort from jackassville tomorrow, but the Steelers will be bent on payback for last year, so I agree that they should win this game.

  2. Glad I’m not the only one who noticed how balanced this entire team is rounding to. It should make them a tough out for any team.

  3. If Bell were to report today, he would become a cap-gouging insurance policy. If he doesn’t, I’m pretty sure one of the teams that have a ton of cap space will overpay for his services next season. The big question in my mind is whether or not the Steelers stand pat with the current backups if Bell doesn’t report.

  4. I’ve watched enough football to trust the eye test over stats, and over the last ten years, my eyes rank Ben in the top 10 each season, sometimes in the top 5. Peyton, Aaron, Drew, and Tom I always saw as better. However; there is a sturdy stat for ranking QBs called total QBR. Ben’s average ranking over the last 10 years has been about 8th. There’s usually a few guys each year having banner seasons for themselves and looking better than Ben that year. His best season was 2015, when he finished 2nd, but even that was only the 39th best season of any QB since 2007. I would estimate that over his prime (last 10 years), he’s probably around the 6th or so ranked total QB of his time, and my eye test would agree. That being said, I also agree that he has been looking outstanding recently, and I don’t see him dropping off this season, in the absence of injury. He’s also pretty clutch. I’m glad he’s on our side!

    • They say the stats don’t lie, but I know exactly what you mean about the “eye test”. By no means am I saying that Roethlisberger is the best quarterback in the NFL. He absolutely is making a case for why he should be considered as one of the best. He’s been playing with a different sense of urgency lately, and I like that. It isn’t panic. It isn’t forcing throws and making mental mistakes because he feels pressured to carry the weight of the team. He’s been more surgical and looked creative in how he has spread the ball around. Finally, this team looks balanced. And if Ben can keep the offense working together, I think the defense will continue to improve. “Clutch” is a great word. Thanks for commenting. I’m glad he’s on our side, too.

  5. Dude, you did it again! Switzer looked really good on the kickoff return, and contributed almost 70 total yards to the cause. I’ll take it!

  6. The perfect article. Thanks for this perspective Mike.

  7. Atleast 2 rushing TD’s in 3 straight is impressive but I would’ve bet someone in the Steelers long history of talented RBs would’ve done it previously. Some sports chat show this morning brought that up and tbh I hit rewind because I thought I heard it wrong…nope lol. Hope he makes it 4—Go Steelers!!

    Joe are there any quiet rumors about possible trades before the 4p.m. deadline?

  8. “JuJu wasn’t heavily involved in the offense this past week but failed to make the most of his 6 targets – cashing them in for just 33 yards. Again, not a lot to complain about – just nitpicking.”

    Indeed Tommy. You had to think long and hard about losers to call up JJSS to fill the role. Haha. While he certainly wasn’t his usual excellent self, he was hardly a loser. Hell, I can recall one deep throw he played as a better DB than all but Haden have played DB for us! Haha. Seriously, good write-up. It was hard to find losers for this one for sure. 🙂

  9. Way to call it, Zac! Dupree continues to abuse the rookie LT.

  10. It seems rare that the Steelers blow a team out, but that’s what I’m predicting for today. Wait. Is it supposed to rain?

  11. Ugh. We really could use an edit feature in the comments section. SB winners usually look better than this at some point during the season. They have plenty of time to look that good, as they still have a handful of games against pretty good teams. SB contender is a status that not many teams deserve. I believe in this offense, but the jury is still out on the defense, although I’m encouraged by the last couple games. I can enjoy rooting for my team, even if I haven’t seen enough to elevate them to championship level. They have plenty of opportunity to get there for me.

  12. Hey, we were born on the same day of the week! The Steelers lost to KC on my birthday. I hope the celebrate yours in better fashion!

  13. I could swear that I commented here that I believe the average team would go only 3-7 vs that schedule, so I’m agreeing that it’s a pretty tough one. The Steelers had better stay focused cuz I’m guessing they’ll probably want to go at least 7-3.

    • I presume you mean 7-3 over the course of weeks 8-17. I spent a lot of time looking at a few different sites that predicted outcomes and found one glaring issue – they left little to no interpretive data on how the SOS would be affected by stronger defensive performances. Likely due to fantasy tools focusing on offensive production almost exclusively. But, you’d be correct in saying the Steelers would want to go 7-3.
      My personal interpretation of the data sets and upcoming opponents was as follows:
      1. The Steelers outmatch all of their divisional rivals on paper – which points to them being capable of winning those four games IF they play UP to the challenge and not down. (So +4 there)
      2. The Jaguars, Broncos and Raiders are struggling offensively at this point in the season. The Steelers can win these games, too, if they limit turnovers & have exceptional defense that flips the field. Of this group, the Jaguars may be like Kryptonite but the Broncos D is a bigger threat in my opinion. (I’d say the Steelers win 2-of-3 here.)
      3. The Saints, Patriots, Panthers and Chargers will be big challenges. All four teams are gathering steam for a post-season push across the finish line. Legitimately, the Steelers have the tools to win any of those matchups, but my feeling is that they will break even at 2-2 in this group.

      That would put the Steelers at +8 (or 8 wins) at the end of the second half of the season and in post-season contention.

      Your comment that it will be tough is spot on. Very little room for mistakes for the Steelers. I don’t think they’re in a situation where they have to win-out, but it’s close.

      Thanks for your insights. Appreciate your comments.

  14. The highest ranked teams on that list that the Steelers have beaten are tied for 13th. They have 4 upcoming games against teams in the top 10. I’d like to see them beat at least 2 of them before I start thinking of them as contenders.

  15. I pretty much agree with you on those guys, with one exception. Although I believe Washington will continue to hone his NFL craft, unless there’s an injury to Brown, MacDonald or Juju, I don’t see Washington getting many more opportunities. He doesn’t have the pure height and speed of Bryant or Coates, so I don’t see his production accelerating like theirs did. I guess we’ll see.

  16. Tomlin is 91-46-1 during the regular season, outside of October, which comes out to .663. So he’s actually worse in October then the rest of the season. But I do like his chances this weekend!

  17. Great point, Mike! It leads to another point I’ve been trying to make for years, that Bell isn’t all that special. Conner has better numbers than Bell last year. It’s all about that line. That’s why they shouldn’t pay Bell. He’s not worth it.

  18. I’ve been buzzing around him for 14 months!