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  1. Congratulations! You’re the first writer to suggest that the Steelers drop Matekevich in favor of a younger more athletic Ulysses Gilbert. However I don’t understand what you’ve seen from Sutton Smith to select him over Tuzar Skipper. In addition it seems Smith is more likely to make it to the practice squad, while most agree Skipper would be scooped up by another team.
    Personally I believe Holton is the only burner available and he’s shown four “splash” plays. If Rudolph hadn’t underthrown his 40 yard reception would have also been a touchdown. Thanks.

  2. I’d love to see Burns keep up the intensity. The drops were frustrating, but I think we’ll see a much better performance in the third preseason game.

  3. Thank you Joe! You hit the nail right on the head with every part. With the way we’ve bolstered the defense, I believe this is going to be a 13-3, 12-4 season as well. Keep up the great work!

  4. Haha. I hear ya Joe. I’m not sure I would give him a dud rating, but I DEFINITELY agree that he wasn’t as good as week 1. But, he still wasn’t bad and that drive was very very nice.

  5. “So why the “dud” rating?

    Mike Tomlin was non-committal in saying if Rudolph had closed the gap in the backup quarterback competition and stated there was “no separation” with two games played. That deflates the hype around Rudolph and could mean his stock isn’t, in fact, rising.”

    I agree with most of what you’ve written, but I take this quote from Tomlin (and yes, I watched the video of these comments as well) with a grain of salt. 99% of the time that Tomlin speaks to these sorts of questions, he follows with some variation of “Tomlin speak” that says nothing OR is 100% non-committal. To me (and I’m a football fan, not a technician nor analyst), the drive that Rudolph led by itself was enough to make him (if not a winner, then at minimum) a neutral character. His completion rate was 67% (+ performance) and when you factor in the 2-3 drops, he was very accurate. Yeah, most of his passes were of the short variety, but that throw to Washington down the seam (22 yards I think?) was, in the vernacular of SCU, a grown-ass man throw! I also thought the throw into the end-zone that was nearly picked was a very good throw and Eli Rogers “should have” come back to the ball MUCH sooner. If he breaks at the same time as the DBs broke on it, I think he catches it at the 1-2 yard line. My seats are right in that corner at the goal line and that was also the (very unlearned, yet consistent) commentary around me on that play too. “Why didn’t Eli come back to that ball with his QB on the run?”

    Great write-up Joe!

    • I felt as if I couldn’t give Rudolph a “stud” rating this week and still wanted to discuss his game. It felt (on the surface) that his stock didn’t increase, and with Coach T saying that, also deflating his performance as well. But I also agree with everything you said too. It was sort of in limbo due to drops: but I felt like this week was a decline from the previous, hence the “dud” rating. (If some other sites didn’t do “stock” ratings that might be more appropriate as this is how I was viewing it this time around. But I won’t steal their idea/headline 🙂 )

  6. They looked good again tonight. Burns was especially impressive. The blanket coverage he displayed most of the night was awesome. I mean, he had guys locked up tight almost every snap. It was a good overall showing although the drops were a touch annoying/frustrating.

  7. Good stuff Joe. I have stated several times on various boards, that Snell should get a partial pass on his night. Of his 13 runs, I can only think of 2 (maybe 3) where he even reached the line of scrimmage before being smacked by a defender. The O-line just was not helpful at all for the large majority of the early going at least. It did get a little better over time though…

  8. It was an impressive debut for this team and for all the new pieces. Well, most of them. It did nothing to dampen my enthusiasm for the season. I’m glad you pointed out the fact that the O-line did NO favors for the run game. I’ve seen/heard several folks saying Snell was unimpressive. My eyeball test in the stadium last night told me that he MAY have had 2-3 of his touches/runs where he made it all the way to the line of scrimmage before first contact with a defender. Kinda tough to look good when you’re constantly getting hit as soon as you take the hand-off. Overall, I loved what I saw from this team.

  9. Great write-up. Thank you Joe. Look forward to watching these guys (and all the rest) during the preseason!

  10. Can’t wait to be in Heinz Field on Friday night to catch me some Steelers preseason football! I’m one of these weirdos that LOVES preseason games. Only because this site (along with a few others I stay current with!) does such an incredible job leading up to the draft, through the draft, into the off-season program, and through training camp to get me amped about all 90 (91 in our case of course) of these guys chasing a dream. So, I love to watch them put it on the line and chase during the four PS games! #HereWeGo

  11. Exactly the way I’d have it Zac! But, to be fair, I’m a very young baby boomer OR a very old Gen X’er. So, I prefer to think of myself as a hybrid X-Boomer! I guess, regardless, I’m old. That much we can agree on. LOL

  12. Haha. I’m always lurking. I’m in and around the site every day reading. But sometimes it feels like I’m talking to myself when I comment — and God knows I already do enough of that IRL — so I just read most days. Haha

  13. hahahahaha NOBODY’S SAFE DAVE!! at the end of the day, baby boomers or millennials, we’re all the same on the inside.

  14. Dave,
    Thought we’d lost you buddy! lol
    Zac might have to teach us old folks the “woah”
    Glad you’re back

  15. “This year’s team is practicing with an intensity and energy level that would make even the most introverted baby boomer get up and…”

    Why you gotta do me like that Zac?!?


  16. Can’t wait. I’m driving in from (the state of) Indiana for the Sunday and Monday practices. Looking forward to it!

  17. Actually, no, I didn’t miss it. However, I am a total [email protected] My brain was thinking about Mike Hilton. LOL. I’m a noob. Haha

  18. You missed it 🙂

    (Link still says 1-year in the URL but article reflects an update because the media goofed on a report that Eli’s contract would “toll” for 2019 before this news dropped.)

  19. “The elder statesman of the group is 26, and enters this season with a new two-year deal.” (RE: Eli Rogers)

    Wait, did I somehow miss that he signed a new two-year deal? Or are you breaking this news to us Joe? 🙂