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  1. Good to know. You touched on a topical issue. I would appreciate if you’d written about how to fill a form online. I mostly use to edit my PDFs. I think it also allows you to to create fillable pdfs and esign them.

  2. I’ve heard that Berry became fatigued, as many rookies do, but that the offseason has reinvigorated his leg, and he’s booming punts again. Go Berry!

  3. I have been cautious about making snap judgments with regards to Le’veon. For example, I understood that the problem was missed tests, rather than definitively failed for some violation. If what Le’veon is puttin gout there is true, that he had no knowledge of the test, and missed it because he had changed his phone number, then I could see the potential for the suspension to be lifted – but since I can’t find or remember an instance of where a suspension was totally reversed, I find it unlikely. Lord knows the NFL is not known for admitting error.

    I understand the anger and angst that comes out, because the “average’ view is that these guys are living a dream, and are lucky to be doing what they are and making bucket loads of cash, and there is truth in that viewpoint. The problem is that we don’t and won’t ever know what it is like to be an NFL player. I can’t and won’t make judgments about anyone else’s situation without having lived it myself (and that is virtually impossible). I will never know what it would be like to walk or run in Le’veon’s shoes. I won’t know the issues he faces or deals with, so I won’t say that it is crazy for him to do something.

    From my own point of view, I can say that it “appears” to be a truly irrational decision (if in fact he chose to miss these tests). I’ve met Le’veon at a couple signings and he doesn’t seem to be a stupid guy, so it does seem like if he missed a test there would be a reason (like he knew he would fail). But until and unless some actual failed tests are put forth, how can I be sure. It’s often said that ignorance is not an excuse, but you know what, sometimes it is. It’s Le’veon’s responsibility to show up for these tests, but it’s the NFL’s responsibility to make sure he is aware of them, and I’m sorry, leaving a message is not a valid way to confirm that a player has been notified.

    So I’ll be interested to see how this pans out. Excellent podcast as always!

    • You said everything I did, wanted to and then some. Excellent comment, and I waited the weekend, because I’m not one to have knee-jerk reactions for the sake of “clicks” or attention grabbing… there are some who have little or no integrity, that do not care that these players are the ones whom enable us to do what we do. Have a shred of decency and respect them and the game!

      Great stuff Brian and hope to get on the horn with you in the future.

  4. Some people seem to have a real problem with believing everything they see or read. those are the same people that think we are under siege by militant Mexicans coming to rape us.

    Its not hard to see the difference between the troy p scenario and Miller’s. I wonder if that big hit he took in the playoffs has anything to do with his surprise retirement. I say surprise because its not hard to see that this team is stacked and ready to make a run so it was a little bit surprising to see miller retire when he did.

    • This was really a hypothetical more than Troy’s was, but as has been a trend recently in the NFL, I think you hit the nail on the head: players are retiring when they appear to have more tread left on the tires, valuing their own health after seeing effects of concussions (as well as the movie of the same name.)

      That hit could very well have signaled to Heath that he has a future outside of football to consider, and it was likely he was near the end of the road anyway. Very respectful player who always did what was right for the organization and while it would’ve been nice to see him get another ring, I respect his decision to walk away with dignity.

  5. I think the issue with Woodley is that after getting that big contract the perception was that he didn’t work hard to make himself better. I’m not saying he didn’t, I’m just saying that I think that the perception was that he was a little…lazy.

    • Can’t disagree with that Brian, but still don’t understand why others were quick to want someone like Wallace back, who definitely lost sight of the goal in his last season here. I want to say he was terrible, but he had his moments… then he had his BAD moments with some key drops. I can’t recall a player getting booed like that at Heinz Field with exception of the classless booing/cheering of Landry Jones last year… though the cheering could be attributed to seeing Ben take the field too, so maybe not?!

      • I feel like there are two things that will just set Steelers Nation’s hair on fire – laziness and being all about the money. Wallace was all about the money, and there was a reason that Coach called him “One Trick Pony”. I think that was proven out every other place he’s gone. I agree, I don’t completely understand why folks wanted Wallace back so bad, except that there is some kind of fascination with the long pass, and the assumption, I think, is that if we had him, he could just run long all the time, and Ben would just throw bomb after bomb. But that wouldn’t happen, and any throws that would have gone to Wallace are throws that don’t go to AB, Wheaton or Coates/Hey-Bey. I think because Wallace never got that big pay day from us, there is no bitterness towards the guy, but we were paying for Woodley til what, last year?

        And I’m not a big Landry Jones fan, but you know the bottom line is that nobody has two high quality starters, and if Ben were to be lost for any length of time, it doesn’t matter who we have, we are in trouble. Landry is serviceable as a backup, at best, and that’s fine. I think that’s all you can really ask out of a backup anyway. People just want the QB situation to be like our current RB situation 1 and 1a. That can happen with running backs because of how devalued they are, but no way with QB’s. There isn’t going to be an Aaron Rogers sitting on the bench for years waiting for Favre to retire, not with the way contracts work today – don’t ya think?

  6. Don’t they have a F.A. Punter from Duke in camp this year?

  7. I is also remarkable that they view each coaching change separately. You can see how other teams “clean house” whenever a new head coach or coordinator arrives, but at the Steelers it seems to be heavily encouraged to keep as much of the staff as possible.

  8. What are we seeing for Jarvis?

  9. Woodley refused to stay in shape years ago. The locker room was divided as a result. He’s failed to make any impact in the years since. I don’t believe he’d be good for the team. I wouldn’t bother with him, as amazing as he was for a while.

  10. Jamie Barnhart on Is #FireHaley still a trend?

    This was a very good and insightful article. I don’t think Haley is responsible for the shortcomings of the offense. And really, fourth in scoring with so many catastrophic injuries shouldn’t be considered underachieving.
    I believe the main offensive shortcoming is RZ scoring, but I don’t blame that on Haley. They’ve had no RZ experts since Burress and Bettis. Bell doesn’t have the weight to be a bulldozer, and nobody is Burress, either.

    • Steel City Underground on Is #FireHaley still a trend?

      Thank you Jamie. Appreciate the kind words.

      Yes, even Crash’s beloved Bruce Arians struggled, not only in the RZ, but overall with offensive scoring.

      I wasted so much time on him last year, on another Haley article, where I went through years worth of stats and broke down EVERY SINGLE QUARTER that a Bruce Arians lead team didn’t score a TD. Particularly, it was in the second half of games.

      Ben was also getting sacked twice as much, but the troll wouldn’t be happy unless he was the OC. He went rounds on that other site before getting banned, something like 500 posts in a few days span!

      Again, thanks for the compliments and sorry if that guy ruined your SCU experience. He is now ADIOS!

    • Yeah don’t blame Haley for taking the alleged best WR in the NFL off the field in key red zone situations so James Harrison and Alexandro Villanueva can run pass patterns.

      If Haley isn’t too blame? Who is?

      • Jamie Barnhart on Is #FireHaley still a trend?

        Every OC uses some of those gimmick plays to keep the defense guessing. Sometimes those plays work, and sometimes they don’t, as do regular plays. You can also blame Haley for having Ben hand off to Martavis Bryant instead of an excellent running back, but Bryant then turns it into a 40 yard play.
        I just don’t see the need to nitpick about an offense that was fourth in points, even with so many catastrophic injuries, and against the toughest schedule in the League. Haley isn’t perfect, but neither is anyone else.

        • Keep defenses guessing? LOL Do you REALLY think defenses are actually WORRIED when this idiot takes AB off the field and lines up a 330 pound OT at WR?

          Go watch the time they did it against the Ravens last year, they didn’t seem too concerned to me. LOL

        • Nice logic. LOL

          Guess what though? Not every team has the alleged talent this team does either. 20 points or less on offense in 25 of 51 games.

          Avoiding that number, doesn’t change it.

          Art Rooney II blamed Arians for injuries.

          So why can’t Todd Haley be held to the same standard?

          • Jamie Barnhart on Is #FireHaley still a trend?

            Again, I blame the lack of TD’s on the lack of a bulldozer and a tall, athletic pass catcher with great hands. Burress and Bettis types we no longer have.

          • Haley had Martavis Bryant in New York in 2014.

            He used James Harrison instead.

            If you can’t blame Haley for that? You’ll never blame him for anything.

          • Jamie Barnhart on Is #FireHaley still a trend?

            I’m not sure why you need things repeated. Harrison was part of a gimmick play. All OC use them.
            And BTW, Bryant is not sure handed.
            Over and out.

          • Steel City Underground on Is #FireHaley still a trend?

            Jamie, Crash is a well known troll who can’t win arguments and changes the conversation. He tries to make us run in circles, hoping we repeat something the wrong way so he can say “ah ha! gotcha!”

            He was banned on my partner’s site Steelers Xtreme Forum, blocked on all of my Twitter accounts (and those of other blogs/writers) and I have now banned him from here.

            I can’t allow profanity, name calling and general nuisances to ruin my community. Sorry for the inconvenience he caused, as I just saw he was STILL going days later.

            If he happens to pop back up under another account, feel free to notify me.

  11. Honestly, I don’t really want to see LaMarr Woodley back in the black and gold, he had his 15 minutes in Pittsburgh, then he fell off a cliff and hasn’t really recovered ever since. His work ethic was highly questionable towards the end of his tenure in Pittsburgh, and he had injury issues as well.

    Even for a vet minimum, I just don’t see him fitting in. We’re better off without him in my honest opinion.

  12. IowaSteeler927 on Is #FireHaley still a trend?

    Jesus Crash go away already. Crawl back under your rock. Your weird, awkward, infatuation with Bruce Arians, and strangely intense hatred for Todd Haley makes everyone else uncomfortable. I wonder what goes on in the Crash residence. Do you dress up like Bruce Arians, and draw edgy teenage insults on pictures of Todd Haley in your diary?

    • Steel City Underground on Is #FireHaley still a trend?

      He can add another banned site to his resume. I canned him Iowa.

    • Quit whining.

      The facts say otherwise. All I hear from you dimwits is how Haley is making Ben better.

      But yet, the pundits don’t agree. You guys use “the experts” when it serves your purpose, but ignore them when they don’t.

      Simply put, Haley has failed to do what his owner asked of him.

      He was hired to keep Ben “safe”.

      His offense doesn’t do that. It hasn’t done that for ANY of his QBs since 2011.

      Just because you dimwits have your heads so far up Haley’s ass you can taste what he had for breakfast, it doesn’t change the facts.

      And when Joe flat out makes things up? His credibility is shot in the process.

  13. The point he makes about Bill Nunn is really really insightful, and most fans don’t realize how crucial he was to the success of those 70’s Steelers teams!

  14. “Add to the list legendary coaches such as Vince Lombardi, Paul Brown and Bill Walsh, who never played in the NFL”

    They didn’t play in the NFL.

    Todd Haley hasn’t played PERIOD. Not in high school, not in college. He was an interim college golf coach until his Daddy got him in the NFL.

    Don’t compare those three coaching giants, all Hall of Fame members, to this moron. The only way Todd Haley gets in the HOF is when they hand him a mop to clean the place.

    • So what? Playing does not make you a good coach nor does being a great coach mean you had to be a great player. Rex Ryan never played either. His daddy got him in the NFL too.

      • Rex and Rob Ryan played at Southwestern Oklahoma.

        Todd Haley played golf.

      • Please don’t compare Rex to Haley.

        Rex Ryan’s pre-NFL coaching career:

        Upon graduating from Southwestern in 1986, with the help of his father, Ryan secured a job as a graduate assistant on the Division I-AA (now Division I FCS) Eastern Kentucky Colonels football team. At Eastern Kentucky, he had a multitude of responsibilities which ranged from making copies of game plans to picking players up at the airport.[12] The Colonels won the Ohio Valley Conference title in the two years Ryan served as an assistant.[13] At the age of 26, Ryan became the assistant head coach and defensive coordinator at Division II New Mexico Highlands for a year, during which the team led the league in defensive turnovers.[12] After his stint with New Mexico Highlands, Ryan joined Division I Morehead State as the defensive coordinator, where he remained for four years.[12] During his tenure, the defense was ranked among the highest in the nation.[13]

        Rex got him in coaching’s door. But Rex had a coaching career prior to the NFL.

        Haley’s coaching career prior to his Daddy getting him in the NFL door was coaching women’s college golf.

        Apples to oranges.

  15. Joe, nice podcast – you should have that guy on from Black n Gold Til I’m Dead and Cold 🙂 I heard he’s nuts. No really. Plus he’ll argue with you about Landry Jones.

  16. Twenty points or less on offense in 25 of their past 51 games.

    Three straight playoff games of under 20 points.

    Ben has missed 7 games due to injury, and has left five others injured in this alleged “safer offense”.

    NFL experts in their recent top 100 poll have ranked a fucking bum named Carson Palmer, being coached by Bruce Arians, higher than Ben Roethlisberger being coached by Savior Todd Haley.

    The NFL has had drastic overturn the last two years, and this piss-ant can’t get an INTERVIEW, much less a head coaching offer.

    Stats without context are for losers like Philip Rivers. If you’re happy that Ben has been turned into another version of him the last four years? You and your ilk are fucking morons.

    • Do you love arguing with yourself? You can wait for a reply. Arguing about this constantly is tiring. Also, please go back and edit the swearing or I’m going to delete it.

      • You are right, it is tiring. It’s tiresome watching what was once a sure fire HOF bound quarterback, being handcuffed in this loser’s offense because his owner thought he could play quarterback better than Ben Roethlisberger did for eight years.

        And please, stop with the phony narrative that Ben has been a picture of health and durability in this offense when he’s missed seven starts due to injury in four years in it.

        In short? It’s called holding the current OC to the same standard, as the previous OC was.

        Good day.

        • This and Carson Palmer’s health with Arians, and the amount of times he’s been sacked in BA’s system. Check and mate.

          • There is no check and mate Joe. This isn’t about Arians and Palmer.

            This is about Roethlisberger with Arians and Haley.

            All you guys have is stats without context. Like I said, if you’re happy with Ben being Philip Rivers II? Good for you.

            I remember when Ben’s career was relevant.

            Now? Not so much.

            All because an owner who never played a down of football, hired an OC who never played a down of football, and now they don’t win anything anymore.

            When Ben Roethlisberger misses 7 full games with Bruce Arians in four years like he has in four years with Todd Haley? You let me know.

            Oh wait, that didn’t happen, did it?

            The sack % for Whis and Arians is the same isn’t it?

            You know what else they have in common? The SB ring each one wears on their finger.

            The thing Todd Haley will never wear until his Dad dies and he gets to wear one of his.

          • Stats without context? Ben is the least pressured QB in the NFL, and takes far less hits than when BA was here. And you keep toting out this number of games Ben has missed with Haley: Carson Palmer missed 10 games in 3 seasons with Arians!

            You really need to get a new gimmick Crash. The Arians/Haley thing is beyond old. Last time you tried this I proved to you how many games the Steelers offense never even scored a TD with Arians.

            And your prediction that Ben would be traded to the Cardinals, then not resigned, all fizzled into the oblivion.

            Time to let this one go too.

          • “Stats without context? Ben is the least pressured QB in the NFL, and takes far less hits than when BA was here”

            And yet, he’s missing MORE GAMES.

            And yet, they win LESS.

            “Carson Palmer missed 10 games in 3 seasons with Arians!”

            In case you couldn’t read it the first time? I don’t care about Carson Palmer. The fact that “NFL experts” rank Palmer ahead of Ben? Is embarrassing to me. I’ll bet it’s embarrassing to Ben too. Like I said, a sure fire HOF after 8 years being reduced to garbage time stats and struggling to score 21 points most weeks.

            All this, because some silver spooned idiot wants to be Jerry Jones II.

            “Last time you tried this I proved to you how many games the Steelers offense never even scored a TD with Arians.”

            Actually you didn’t. You lied, and I called you out, and you avoided the thread after that.

          • I showed you what happened to Palmer, which could’ve easily happened to Ben if Arians remained… and we would be less successful.

            Have we really won less? How many playoff games have the Cardinals won? How many playoffs has Arians taken them to? Division titles?

            All the same buddy. Keep finding loose arguments, I’ll keep shooting them down, just like the one you claim I avoided. I just got tired of repeating myself. It was 8 or 10 games that one season without an offensive touchdown under Arians.

          • “It was 8 or 10 games that one season without an offensive touchdown under Arians.”

            2007: 1

            2008: 2

            2009: 2

            2010: 1

            2011: 1

            Seven games without an offensive TD for Bruce Arians in Pittsburgh.

            In EIGHT YEARS.

            I await your apology to Mr. Roethlisberger and Mr. Arians for publishing out and out lies and shaming their time together.

          • Still going aren’t you? I already told you I’m not digging it up, and you are taking comments made off the cuff as fact.

            Sorry I don’t keep this garbage on speed dial like you do, because winning internet arguments isn’t as important to me.

          • “It was 8 or 10 games that one season without an offensive touchdown under Arians.”

            I told you the first time you were wrong when you said it months ago and TODAY you said it again.

            “I already told you I’m not digging it up, and you are taking comments made off the cuff as fact.”

            Off the cuff my ass.

            Don’t try to weasel your way out because you opened your mouth (AGAIN) with lies and published them as fact Joe.

            Stand by your words.

            It’s called credibility.

          • And since memory is coming back, it was SCORELESS quarters that I cited, along with TOUCHDOWN-LESS quarters, which there were a ton of.

          • “And since memory is coming back, it was SCORELESS quarters that I cited, along with TOUCHDOWN-LESS quarters, which there were a ton of.”

            “And if I recall my research the other day, there were 10 games without an offensive TD in one of those seasons, maybe both… that means offense scored a TD in only 6 games…”

            -Joe Kuzma 10 months ago.

            Not quarters, GAMES.

            Stand by your…words.

          • “Have we really won less? ”

            Ben/Arians 5 playoff wins. Ben/Haley 1 playoff win.

            Ben/Arians 4 out of 5 playoff years. Ben/Haley 2 out of 4.

            Ben/Arians two AFC titles. Ben/Haley 0 AFC titles.

            Ben/Arians 1 ring. Ben/Haley 0 rings.

            Yes, we’ve won less.

            “It was 8 or 10 games that one season without an offensive touchdown under Arians.”

            And like you were told then and again today, that’s a lie.

            It never happened.

            Sad part? Uneducated morons who don’t follow the league, read your trash as fact.

          • Keep up the name calling, and you’re gone. Last warning.

            Read my article. Don’t like it? Fine. That’s your right.

            But saying I’m uneducated or don’t follow the league… you need to read your drivel, not only here but at my partners over at Steelers Xtreme and reconsider your position, because you are in a definite minority.

            And I’d be more than happy to pull out all of the numbers again, but I have more important things to do than argue about Todd Haley’s GOOD JOB.

          • I didn’t call you uneducated Joe. I called the readers who read your trash and take it as fact uneducated.

            Reading is fundamental.

          • “And I’d be more than happy to pull out all of the numbers again”

            Feel free.

            It’s going to be hard pulling out numbers that didn’t exist in Pittsburgh.

            You should be a man and apologize for publishing lies and insulting Ben Roethlisberger’s pre-Todd Haley career.

  17. I give no credit to the NFL Network list. I think it’s pure publicity.
    On one hand, Ben’s career numbers do rank him sixth among his contemporaries, behind Rodgers, Peyton, Shady Brady, Brees and barely Rivers. But due to advancing ages, Ben could be better than most of those guys this season. Haley has Ben playing more wisely as of the last couple years. Ben ranked second only to Palmer in Total QBR last year, and PFF graded Ben #1 on the season. I can see the added value Wilson and Newton bring with their running, too. Ben’s TD and INT numbers are usually weak when compared to his yardage totals and yards per attempt. If he can improve on those numbers with help from some tall pass catchers, he could have a big season!

  18. Bell and Brown are the most skilled tandem in the NFL between the 20’s, but relative to their yardage production, they pale in their TD scoring. Bell doesn’t have breakaway speed like Chris Johnson, and is not a total bulldozer like Bettis was, so he doesn’t score a lot. Brown is amazing in open space, too, but lacks Megatron height to win every red zone jump ball, so he doesn’t score many TD’s, either. Randy Moss had 23 or more TD’s one season, without Brown’s yards, because he couldn’t be stopped in the RZ. I think 13 is the most ever by Brown.

    So, in yardage sense, I should see the Steelers triplets being ranked #1, but in TD scoring proficiency, I could justify dropping down to #5.

  19. Joe,
    Omg. I’m with you on the Steelers and craft beer as my two greatest passions, and I’m not even from Pittsburgh! Make sure you that you stop into East End Brewing and have the Barmy Ginger, and something barrel aged. I love Gratitude barleywine!

  20. Indianapolis is in the Eastern Time Zone.

    • Not often I admit I’m wrong but thank you. Not sure what I was thinking… maybe Fort Wayne. I’ve done a lot of traveling in Indiana with their goofy time zone laws, so not sure why I was under that impression.

      • I lived there for a few years in the early ’90s. That’s where I saw my first live Steelers game. It was easy to get tickets in pre-Peyton Indy! Anyway, it was kind of confusing because they didn’t do daylight saving time. I don’t know if they do now or not. We were EST all year, so during the summer I was an hour off from my family in PA, but in the fall and winter we were the same.

        • Yes, that’s probably where my confusion comes in. I updated the article to reflect EST as shown in the schedule, but they always show what the time is in “Pittsburgh time” on the schedules anyway.

          I can recall going to Indy multiple times and it being an hour off from here, but that could be DST rather than Central time (which I think Fort Wayne might do, but have to check that, otherwise I know once you get around or past South Bend, that’s true.)

          And hence why I’m fuzzy on the whole subject and said that’s the only game that would be an hour off!