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  1. Well if you’re the one teaching him Guenther, then you’re as much to blame as him.First of all the word “kill” should never even be an option, that shows your dumb ass coaching mentality.To play with aggression is common, overly aggressive play aimed at hurting other players is not acceptable.This guy is more than a thug, he’s a mental case.I think you might be a mental case too coach Guenther. Why is he’s the one that took out 3 Steelers the last 2 years ? Is he your assassin ? It looks like it.You should have to serve his suspension with him being his mentor.!

  2. I have little doubt he was told to retire or he would be cut.

  3. We need Gay back and I’ll be glad to see DeCastro and Bell extended. I’d like to see what Boykin could do given a full season, but wouldn’t break the bank for him.

  4. Ben hurt again.

    Sad what Haley and Rooney did to him.

    Enjoy Landry Jones.

    • You just love to dwell on the negative, don’t you?

      Here’s a challenge for you: clock how long Ben has held onto the ball everytime he’s been hurt this season. I also want you consider they’re missing their starting C and LT, so let me know who got beat or missed their assignment in your analysis.

      • Not negative at all. It’s reality. Haley does NOTHING to help quarterbacks. He keeps them restricted in the pocket. Then you add the fact that the OL is shit.

        Landy Jones lasted what? 1 quarter his last start?

        Leftwich got hurt in less than a HALF for Haley in 2012.

        If Haley is here in 2016, Ben won’t be.


  5. I’m definitely tired of hearing them turn a blind eye and point out what they deem Steelers issues. Boomer Esiason, someone who you would think would be biased regardless, said right after the broadcast, he was embarrassed by the Bengal organization.To me, that says it all.

  6. I have been thinking about the game and thinking about watching football for 50+ years and trying to remember if there was ever a Quarterback that I disliked enough to cheer getting hurt or if I ever contemplated throwing something at any injured player. I had season tickets for over 20 years and even when I was young and had a “few” drinks- it never crossed my mind. What could possibly be going through the Bengal fans minds? They were in control of the game at this point. Why all the anger?? Ben never blindsided, clipped or speared any Bengal player that I can remember. Maybe because he is from Ohio originally? Montana, Marino, Unitas, Namath & Jim Kelly were all from Pittsburgh and I felt nothing but pride in their careers (not so much when they beat the Steelers). I guess maybe it could be just years and years of disappointment. But then the 14 teams that have never won a Super Bowl and four more who’ve never even been there would be as bad or worse than Cincinnati. Any Ideas out there???

    • I’m not sure Bill. I too have been attending Steelers games in person for the last 5-6 years, and enjoy my adult beverages from time-to-time. Before that, I attended college games for at least 10 years non-stop, every home game and many away games. Combine that with 20 years of officiating experience (different sport) from the youth, amateur, collegiate and professional levels, literally thousands of games…

      I can’t say I’ve EVER witnessed behavior like this before. I’ve never as much wanted to fight with a fan, let alone verbally rejoice that someone was physically injured. And to take that a step further and throw trash at that player?

      What did that player ever do to you? Did they ever hurt someone, make snide remarks, go on Instagram or Twitter and have a profanity-laced tirade? What did they do to deserve that sort of treatment?

      And if you weren’t aware, a Cincinnati radio station ran a program last week with a Big Ben warning, in essence making fun of rape and slandering someone who was only accused, and never arrested or charged.

      There’s no excuse for any of it.

  7. Casssell








    All KO’s in Todd Haley’s “QB safer offense” since 2011.

    Class dismissed Joe. If you had any pride you would admit I’m right.

    Haley and Art II have ruined Ben’s career.

    • Late hit (flagged for penalty,) QB keeper running out of bounds and tweaks hamstring, late hit (flagged for penalty,) late hit (flagged for penalty,) and late hit (flagged for penalty.)

      And that’s without investigating the first ones you posted, just going by memory for this year.

      • Your memory sucks.

        Ben hurt in St. Louis, no flag.

        Ben hurt vs. Raiders, no flag.

        Jones hurt vs. Browns, no flag.

        They were flagged in Seattle for the blow to the head, not for being late. He was still going to get hit.

        Todd Haley was brought here to keep Ben “safe” and not get hit.

        He has failed.

        His system sucks ass.

        They don’t win.

        It’s either Haley or Ben who have to go.

        Because this crap, isn’t working.


  8. Scot Hickerson on Landry Jones Answers The Call

    Good Article I am a home town fan of Landry Jones from Artesia, NM . I have seen nearly all of his games. . It pisses me off that people act surprised that Landry is really pretty Good. He has always been good. In High School ( 2yrs 7900 passing yards 80 Td’s and 2 State Championships) At OU How could he have proven it more than 40 wins 2183 passes completing 63% for 16600 yards and 123 touchdowns and a 3-1 Bowl record against top 25 competition at a BCS School. No QB has thrown more passes and completed more passes in NCAA history than Landry Jones. He owns 4 top 5 NCAA passing records and nearly all the Big 12 Passing Records. That kind of success does not come by luck Yes he had to adjust to the NFL as a rookie, but he still did ok considering he has only played with the bottom of the roster every preseason where he was barely ever to able throw it behind that last string o line. He should have been a first round pick but I think learning first under Ben has been the best thing for him. Landry should be a starter somewhere he is ready.

    • Thanks for commenting. I believe you have read a few of my other Landry Jones articles and I made mention of how he was playing with now unemployed football players in the preseason. It’s a catch 22, which is why I dislike hanging a career on the preseason. On one hand, you’re playing with players who will not make an NFL regular season roster. On the other hand, you can look like a superstar against these same players, then flame out when your number is called in the regular season.

      I had high hopes for him, but last year Jones was starting to look more like one of those college busts we’re all too familiar with. That’s not to say he would be a great NFL QB, that chapter is yet to be written (if it ever is written) but when I saw him come in for Vick in the Arizona game, I looked around at the fans jeering and thought to myself “prove ’em wrong kid.”

      • Scot Hickerson on Landry Jones Answers The Call

        Steelers depot followed and tracked statistics during camp. With Gradkowskis injury they had Jones do extensive work with and against the first and second team. Landrys stats were very close to Bens In 11 on 11 in over 240 attempts he completed 65% and 30 tds and Ben was 69% and 36 tds with lIke 10 more attempts. That’s 6 like games worth. I think the steelers made it harder on Jones in preseason rather than making him look like a superstar. They kept him from playing with starters (top 4 wrs). But It was good for him. I hope they let Landry show what he can do in the Browns game. Heck 28 of 47 for 456 yards 3 tds that’s a typical game for Jones running the no huddle in college. Maybe we will see some no huddle this sunday.

        • Yes and I’m fairly certain we’ve seen Landry running no-huddle several times thus far, but I can’t say we saw the same with Vick, save for the end of the San Diego game (I think) where it was a necessary part of the 2-minute drill.

          • Scot Hickerson on Landry Jones Answers The Call

            It will be interesting to see what the Steelers do with Jones, moving forward. Its like they wanted to keep him under wraps by keeping him 3rd and bringing in Vick. 2016 is his last year of his contract. I think they were hoping to sign him to a reasonable long term back up contract. Now that they are forced to let him play I hope he rises to the occasion. If he does they could be faced with some trade offers after this year. So we will see. If I was Jones I wouldnt stick around if Ben has another 5 years left. So what do you think about it.

          • I’ve had this same thought and I think it’s really early to be thinking about it, but obviously we’re all wondering about life without Ben, particularly with injuries.

            Landry has another year left on his contract, so he won’t be a free agent until 2017. With Michael Vick turning 36 and Bruce Gradkowski turning 33, it will be interesting to see how the front office handles these 2 free agents to-be in 2016. I don’t see Vick coming back, and I’m not sure Bruce will have any other feelers. Stands to reason, the team may opt to extend Jones and draft a 3rd string QB as one of their options, as they won’t pay a premium for 2 backups (whether it be Vick or Bruce.)

            Jones presents the same type of issue Chris Boswell will next season. If Bos continues doing well, he is both younger and cheaper than Shaun Suisham. We also don’t know how Suisham will be when he returns from injury, and we can say the same about Bruce.

            Given Jones bright spots in relief, I think the wise decision would be extending him. Now this is a business and Jones could test what money could be given to him elsewhere. Many teams are still searching for that franchise QB, but will he make that much more money than what our front office would offer, to leave a contender for a pretender? (Because let’s face it, those teams searching for a QB are those who aren’t winning franchises.)

            It also depends if Jones is willing to hang on for an additional few years that may never come if Ben plays into his late 30’s a la Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Brett Favre.

            I think of the Matt Flynn scenario too, where he signed a huge contract with Seattle and couldn’t win the starting job over a mid-round pick (Russell Wilson.) Teams may be leery to invest big money in an unproven talent. Fortunately, it doesn’t look like Landry will get much more playing time this season. I say “fortunately” because that may keep him in our fold. If he had the game Ben just had against Cleveland, he may be all but gone…

          • Scot Hickerson on Landry Jones Answers The Call

            Yep I agree. Landry’s in a much better situation now than a lot of his peers, who started right away and failed to learn on the job and are now backups. Ej manuel, Colin Kapernick, Nick Foles, RG3, Blaine Gabbert, Branden Weeden, Josh Freeman, jake locker, Geno Smith. He beat most of these guys in college. I think Landry’s ready and can play as good as Ben did sunday. It was disappointing when he got hurt. Teams should wise up and see QB’s like Landry as more valuable then some rookie out of college. A lot can happen between now and then.

          • I’m with you on that statement and I even made the same comments about last year’s class such as Manziel and Bortles (who have had mixed success.)

            I do believe the Steelers saw something none of us saw when they held onto Landry the previous season. I felt his first 2 years were abysmal against bad preseason talent and most were probably on board with “why did we waste a 4th rounder on this guy.”

            It’s a shame he did get hurt, but could be a blessing in disguise if that setback helps him stay in Pittsburgh.

            We’re about to see what Brock Osweiler is about with Manning hurt. Jimmy Garropolo is the only other untested QB that I have interest in seeing how they fare in their current situation.

  9. Terell “slash” Pryor is available as a Receiver/QB!

  10. “I know your type: you have to use Le’Veon Bell! He’s the best back in the league… ”

    And if he’s not spelled on occasion he’ll be injured and not around long.

    Oh wait, he’s out again.

    Parker was one of the best backs in the league too, BOTH of his OC’s TRIED to lesson his load, and HE had a short career.

    Bell is on pace to be gone even FASTER.

    “Bryant getting yanked: had anything to do with dropping the first pass in the game? And another deep ball as well”

    No, because this constant shuffling always happens, whither he’s dropping passes or not. It’s been a four year Haley staple, Bryant has been here for less than TWO.

    “You also apparently have zero issue with Alejandro Villanueva or Cody Wallace, both backup linemen, missing their assignments, which lead to Ben’s sacks/injuries this year. Maybe I’ll start a don’t blame Mike Munchak” thread so you can throw him under the bus too.”

    Arians dealt with injuries on the OL too.

    That didn’t matter to Art II. Ben and Arians were blamed.

    Once again, Art II set the ground rules. I’m just holding his hand picked OC to them.

    If Haley shouldn’t be blamed, then Art II should publicly apologize to Ben, the way he insulted him, after 2011.

  11. Ben games missed due to injury each OC:

    Haley: 8

    Whiz: 4

    Arians: 2

    Haley has failed at what he was hired to do. He’s ruined Ben’s career.

    • You know, last night driving home from the game, I knew you’d come on this morning and blame Todd Haley for Ben’s injury. That’s low, even for someone with viewpoints as yourself.

      I guess it’s all you can do when you’ve run out of all other arguments.

      • “You know, last night driving home from the game, I knew you’d come on this morning and blame Todd Haley for Ben’s injury. That’s low, even for someone with viewpoints as yourself.”

        As low as Art Rooney II blaming Arians for the same thing?

        Don’t blame me for holding Haley to the same standards that Art II set for Arians and Ben after 2011.

        Blame Art.

        My arguments are sound and filled with facts and logic. You wave your Terrible Towel and cheer. Yay.

        All I heard from people is “wait until Bryant comes back, we’ll be ready”.

        But yet, Bryant gets removed from the game on 3rd down for DHB and Bryant played less than 50% of the teams offensive snaps Sunday. Ditto for Wheaton, the alleged #2 WR on this team. That’s why Ben forces pass to Brown and Miller. They are the ONLY two pass catchers he can count on to be out there every snap.

        Too much subbing, too much confusion, too much Todd Haley trying to show how smart he is.

        He used DeAngelo Williams for the first time in 8 weeks. Because he HAD to. Not because he WANTED to.

        • I know your type: you have to use Le’Veon Bell! He’s the best back in the league… but you’re not using DeAngelo Williams enough! But you have to use Bell! And Williams!

          Get over yourself.

          Bryant getting yanked: had anything to do with dropping the first pass in the game? And another deep ball as well… ever notice coaches at every level do that, and also do that with RBs when they fumble? But I’m sure you have the answers…

          You also apparently have zero issue with Alejandro Villanueva or Cody Wallace, both backup linemen, missing their assignments, which lead to Ben’s sacks/injuries this year. Maybe I’ll start a don’t blame Mike Munchak” thread so you can throw him under the bus too.

  12. And for those who think Ben’s contract makes him a lock to stay? May I present to you Colin Kaepernick, and his $61 million benched dollars.

  13. Twenty or less on offense in 11 of their past 16 games since that SNF game against the Ravens ended.

    See enough yet Joe? Or does Ben’s legacy have to be completely destroyed first?

    • Good morning troll! I see a Steelers loss brought you out from under your bridge again! 🙂

      So, let me ask you this: are you blaming Todd Haley for this loss? Did Haley throw 3 picks? Did Haley drop those passes? Did he pick up the flag for pass interference? Did he cause Bell to tear his MCL?

      Come back to me when you can blame it on the coach and not the players. (BTW, this would’ve been my same reply for KC as well. Landry Jones actually had a better rating than Ben did this week, but hey, it’s all Haley’s fault and part of the conspiracy…)

      • “So, let me ask you this: are you blaming Todd Haley for this loss? Did Haley throw 3 picks? Did Haley drop those passes? Did he pick up the flag for pass interference? Did he cause Bell to tear his MCL?”

        Let me ask you this: Did Haley throw 12 TD passes in a two week strecth last season?

        If you’re giving him credit? Which you do. You also have to give him the blame.

        Twenty points or less on offense, in 11 of their last 16 games since that six TD game against Baltimore last season.

        If Haley isn’t the problem? Then you must feel Ben is.

        And Ben would have to go.

        Todd Haley was a psycho POS loser BEFORE we hired him.

        And now he’s dragging this team right down the goddamn drain with him.

        If Haley stays? Ben has to go.

        This can’t continue.

  14. We are now up to twenty points or less in 21 of their last 40 games.

    Ben has now missed due to injury 7 games with Todd Haley.

    Ben missed TWO games due to injury with Bruce Arians.

    Fire this clown, promote Fichtner, and try to salvage Ben’s career before Haley kills it for good.

  15. After Todd Haley’s play-calling in OT tonight I’m done here. You guys have nothing left. Enjoy 4 and 12.