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  1. After Todd Haley’s play-calling in OT tonight I’m done here. You guys have nothing left. Enjoy 4 and 12.

  2. So much for Haley’s offense keeping Ben safe.

    Matt Cassel 2011

    Ben 2012

    Byron Leftwich 2012

    Ben 2015

    All KO’d in Todd Haley’s “safer offense”.

    • Are you happy now? Ben’s hurt. Now you can blame Haley, the Rooneys and whatever else. You truly are miserable if you’re celebrating an injury to justify your agenda.

      • No I’m pissed off, because there was NOTHING WRONG with this football team until an unqualified owner, hired his unqualified OC who’s Daddy worked for this team, to put Ben Roethlisberger in his place.

        And what happened? He’s been hurt twice anyway, and they haven’t won dick since.

        If they don’t fire Haley? Then Ben either has to retire or ask for a trade/his release.

        Because Todd Haley’s offense isn’t good enough to win a Super Bowl, and it’s not good enough to keep Ben on the field, and it’s affecting his career and his health.

  3. The other thing is that thanks to the Fracking industry the region and presumably the city is growing again. Frankly, if you look at Travis’ style, it’s very crude.

  4. Joe thank you for the article it was at least fair. I am A long time Steelers fan and a hometown fan Landry Jones from New Mexico. I defend them a lot I feel like he has been treated poorly and gotten a raw deal from Pittsburgh fans and in the NFL. I think Landry is going to be Aaron Rodgers 2.0. If you follow Steelers depot, they published training camp stats from 11 on 11. Landry completed 65% of 235 throws against and with the starters and second teamers as well throwing 30 touchdowns. Ben completed 69% and 39 touchdowns but only threw to the starters. Last night Michael Vick showed how bad the backup line is for the Steelers. As the third guy Landry has been really limited by whom he has played with in the preseason. Landry is showing that he has adjusted to the NFL and can make it. It infuriated me to no end to hear people talk about how that he was and couldn’t even throw the ball. What people forgot was he wasn’t just any average quarterback in college. Landry Jones was all time NCAA in attempts and completions he was ranked third in yards and 5th in touchdowns. Plus his all time big 12 Records which I think he has three or four. There were many many first round QB drafted out of the big 12. Oklahoma fans we’re spoiled and expected him to deliver an undefeated season and national championship and Heisman Trophy. The team fell short while he was there because their defense sucked. But Landry got the blame and everybody talked about how bad he was and that just carried over. You don’t go from completing 63% of 2183 passes to being horrible and not being able to even throw. Landry had 4 4000 yard years in a row. He is going to be a franchise quarterback in the NFL. Hack last night he completed 9 of 11 149 yards all of which came in the fourth quarter with the crappy line and throwing two guys who aren’t going to make the team. You should have led them to three scoring drives but they could not convert a first and goal from the 1. Sports guys R going to lose credibility by going against the obvious. Thanks for being fair.

  5. Old old old, Todd Hayley goes nowhere unless it’s for a head coaching job.

  6. Brown if he stays healthy and loyal to the steelers has the talent to be another Hines Ward but with numbers that will one day put him in the hall of fame. Mike Wallace seems to have no true loyality to any team now on his third team, don’t get me wrong he is a great player but he needs to stay put in one place for awhile and not get greedy over money issues.

  7. 1.) J. Stallworth
    2.) L. Swann
    3.) A. Brown
    4.) L. Lipps
    5.) S. Holmes
    6.) Y. Thigpen
    7.) A.R. El
    8.) B. Dial
    9.) R. Shanklin
    10.) R. Jefferson

  8. Steel City Terror on Stop Blaming Todd Haley

    its 3 and 8, 2:00 warning, down by a field goal on the 50 yard line, lets call a slow developing run play… #haleylogic

  9. Timmons was not a good OLB. That’s why they moved him inside. They have repeatedly said that they will NOT move Shazier to Safety. That whole scenario was and is a fan’s pipe dream. So, they better draft well this year and hope that Shamarko is ready to take over for Troy.

  10. I knew from his rookie season he was going to be a HOF-level QB, and I’m a lifelong Cowboys fan

    • Btw, you cannot discount Romo’s season bc of passing attempts! That is silly, as it is probably the most meaningless stat for QB’s. He had an MVP-level year, and tops in almost every important category: y/a, comp%, QBR, Passer Rating, TD%, pretty much everything except less meaningful “compiler” stats like total Passing Yards (there’s a reason the leader in passing yards has never won a SB). When quarterbacks who aren’t even very good like Stafford and Eli can throw for 5,000 yards, it doesn’t mean as much.

      Despite throwing as much as 150-200 less passes he had more TD passes than everyone on that top 7 list except Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck(including Roethlisberger)-I’d personally rather have QB 4th in TD passes and first in TD% than someone who had 5000 yards because he had to throw it a ridiculous amount of times.. He was so effective each time he passed (8.5 y/a!), he didn’t need to throw it 600 times. Some ppl have a misconception that it was the running game our offense leaned on, but it was the big-play passing game that was the key. He had games where he only threw it 20 times because he already had 4 touchdowns and 250 yards and the Cowboys were up by 30. Then we’d finish the game out with Murray. Agreed that Rodgers was the best, but Romo was def a close second. Then I’d put Ben at 3rd. All three had great rb’s as well, lets not forget – and I think we all agree LeVeon is better than Murray.

      It was nice to see Ben have such a phenomenal season – that game against the Colts is in my top 5 performances I have witnessed from a QB. Ha, interesting sidenote – just remembered, Romo shredded that otherwise pretty good pass defense as well (42-7, passer rating 150+) .

      • It’s really an exercise in hair-splitting to rank Roethlisberger, Romo and Brady based on their performances this season. Rodgers was better than all three, but altogether these QBs were the “fab four” of 2014. Rodgers was the league MVP, and Brady got the ring. Roethlisberger was the passing yards leader, and Romo the efficiency leader. All four took their teams to the playoffs.

        Below the four of them were Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Andrew Luck and Philip Rivers. Luck turns the ball over way too much for me to consider him “elite” right now, and Brees was sloppy all season. Rivers started red hot but stumbled badly down the stretch, comeback against the 49ers notwithstanding. As for Manning, I know some people don’t want to hear it, but I believe he’s now in terminal decline, and he’s finished after 2015 — provided the Broncos don’t move on from him already.

      • Travis, before I even read your second comment I was going to say Romo had a great year. Of course, this is a Steelers site and the article is geared toward Ben, but I wouldn’t discredit anything Romo did, and much of what you say is true. If Ben isn’t 2nd, he’s tied or a very close 3rd with Romo in the mix. However, Romo wasn’t 1 of the 7 chosen on the Top 100 list, ahead of Ben. That makes his mention in this article a testament to the season he had. (Also makes a good argument for an X QBs better than Romo, in your case!)

        • Well said. I know it’s a Steelers site, and I’m not a big fan obvs based on my team of preference, (however I certainly wanted to see them crush the Ravens), but I am a fan of Big Ben.

          Those top 100 lists are so foolish, basically popularity contests. It’ll be interesting to see how they get it wrong this year. This is what I’m hoping for (so I’m sure it won’t happen lol):

          1. Aaron Rodgers

          2. Tony Romo

          3. Ben Roethlisberger

          4. Peyton Manning (still had a great year despite a tired arm in second half)

          5. Tom Brady (regular season was more in line w/early years, i.e. not great – I’ll give him some love for SB but to me this is mostly supposed to be regular season based and Brady only avg’d 7.1, 19th in the league-ouch!)

          6. Drew Brees

          7. Andrew Luck

          8. Russell Wilson (he is actually quite a good passer; look at his stats sometime, very accurate down field)

          9. Matt Ryan (considering his D he esp played well)

          10) Eli Manning (even though most overrated QB in history, did have a good year)

          • I like it. If I had to guess how they’ll “screw up” this is what it will look like:

            1. Aaron Rodgers
            2. Tom Brady
            3. Andrew Luck
            4. Russell Wilson
            5. Peyton Manning
            6. Drew Brees
            7. Tony Romo
            8. Ben Roethlisberger
            9. Phillip Rivers
            10. Joe Flacco

            I expect to see Andy Dalton, Matt Ryan, Matt Stafford and Eli in that mix somewhere too. Not because Dalton is any good, but for the same reason I have Flacco listed: popularity contest.

  11. It’s called “sarcasm”. You idiots. Proving that indeed, the Steelers have one of the dumbest fanbases in America.

  12. Only thing I would add is that, Pittsburgh (the city) is awesome! Whether you’re a fan of the Steelers or not, it’s a beautiful and cultural town with a little taste of everything. That writer has obviously never stepped foot there.

  13. OldSkoolStillerfootball on Stop Blaming Todd Haley

    Look everyone blames Haley, but it isn’t Haley telling the QB to overthrow WR’s, underthrow WR’s and throw to the wrong shoulder. I know the offense can be infuriating, but it has become strictly black and white for Stiller fans/media. Ben Good Haley Bad. There is blame to go around both sides.

  14. The fan base didn’t fire Bruce Arians after back to back 12 win seasons, and demand a HOF QB change the way he plays after he gave you three AFC titles and two rings in 8 seasons.

    The owner did.

    So who’s the spoiled one?

    • Ben’s best years have come with Hayley. Get a clue……Arians is gone!

      • Actually no, they haven’t.

        He was better in 2005, 2007, 2009.

        You want irrelevant garbage time stats? Todd Haley’s your man.

        You want to compete for Super Bowls? Fire him.


        • lol you act like you know something about football

          • Haley’s run this offense in two cities the last six seasons.

            He’s won as many playoff games as I have.

          • Your life is garbage time I’ll so tired of @ssholes like you who think they know more than the professional coaches. If you know so much lets see you get a job in the NFL?

          • I didn’t have a Dad who got me in the door like Haley’s did. That’s the ONLY reason he’s even here.

            There’s no other way a former part time college golf coach starts running an NFL offense unless he knows the right people.

          • Start sending out resumes you never know, especially a man of you depth and knowlege?

          • I should. When Haley plays it my way his offense hums like a fine machine.

            When he insists on his mix and match mass substitution on almost every other play the offense never gets in sync.

            I have three years of Haley’s time here to back me up.

            Not sure exactly what you think you have that can dispute it.

          • 2nd best offence in the league last year a division title speaks for it’s self. If Ben is ok with Hayley why does he bother you so much? Jealous maybe? Big shot golf coach….tell me how bad Tiger Woods is?

          • “2nd best offence in the league last year a division title speaks for it’s self. ”

            No son, NO PLAYOFF WINS in three seasons speaks for itself.

            20 points or less on offense in 9 of their final 16 games in 2014 speaks for itself.

            “If Ben is ok with Hayley why does he bother you so much?”

            I would bet if you asked Ben with NO camera’s around, if he would rather have three more years of Whiz/BA offense’s, or six more years (double the paychecks) of Haley’s offense? He would pick option A.

            “Big shot golf coach….tell me how bad Tiger Woods is?”

            You would have to asked Todd Haley. HE’S the former part time golf coach who’s father got him in the NFL.

            Like I said before, it’s obvious you don’t follow the league at all.

            Try it, then get back to me.

          • WOW you really have a hard on for Hayley don’t you?

          • “When Haley plays it my way his offense hums like a fine machine”

            Class dismissed kiddo’s.

          • I’m tired of your pompous rantings you seem to think you know more than other people when in fact the only person impressed with you is…! You couldn’t run a play if your life depended on it. Do yourself a favor and leave your mother’s basement once in awhile, the fresh air might do you some good. Class dismissed WindBag!

          • Watch the games. Everything I said they needed to do BEFORE this game ie. three wides, a RB, and a TE, they did.

            It’s tough being this brilliant, and the best part? Is when idiots like you dispute what I say they needed to do BEFORE this game, then Haley went ahead and did it and scored 43 points.

          • What universe do you live in?

          • The correct one.

            I don’t care when they run three wides down 14 with two minutes left to play.

            When Haley did it my way the next week? When they ran three wide and no backup TE’s and fullbacks after their first series? They scored 29 straight points on four drives.

            But what happened in St. Louis? Haley comes out with his usual trickery, DeAngelo Williams (who went from 46 touches in 2 weeks to ONE on Sunday) and LeVeon Bell on the field together as receivers.

            Then, on second down in the first trip in the red zone Haley has Miller, Spaeth, Will Johnson, Bell, and 330 pound OFFENSIVE TACKLE Alejandro Villanueva lined up as the lone wide receiver wide right.

            And naturally the play failed.

            So after dominating the 49ers by keeping things simple, as is his trademark, as I mentioned BEFORE the Rams game, Haley went back to his circus bullshit.

            I said this to Joe EIGHT DAYS AGO below…..

            “The issue is, will he continue?

            His own history says no. Haley lets Ben be Ben for a game here, a game there, then he starts his crap again”

            And what happened in St. Louis Rick? Exactly what I said Haley would do.

            And they scored 13 points.

            And he lost Ben in the process.

            You know what sucks for you guys? You disputed what I said Haley needed to do before the 49ers game.

            And he did it.

            You guys disputed what I said Haley would do before the Rams game?

            And he did it.

            That’s what happens when one pays attention to this idiot.

            It’s not that difficult to do.

          • Your way WHF makes you think it was YOUR WAY…….GROW UP MAMMA’S BOY!

          • Because you simpleton, MY way is when Haley leaves 3 wides, 1 TE, and 1 RB, on the field.

            And that’s NOT want he wants to do. He wants 2-3 TE sets.

            You need to get off your Dad’s lap and pay attention to what happens on the field.

          • I’ve forgotten more about football than you’ll ever know/ Jr.!

          • Please. You’ve done nothing but cheer.

            4th and 2 and Todd Haley takes the best WR in the NFL off the field for some circus bullshit play with a 330 pound tackle playing wide receiver.

            You and Joe would having a fit if Arians did that.

            You fags deserve everything you get with Todd Haley.

          • Still in your own little world Jr.?

          • Btw, the Steelers offense has now scored 20 points or less in straight games, and now in 20 of their past 38 games overall.

            Apologies accepted you dimwits.

          • What is your point exactly? If you want to point out BA yet again, the Cards scored 20 or less in 9/16 last year, and 10/17 if you include their playoff game.

            Go ahead, tell us how Carson Palmer was hurt so I can start with the same excuses for injuries with the Steelers offense from Ben to Pouncey, etc.

          • The point is, that our offense is WORSE NOW, than it was before Haley got here.

            I don’t concern myself with the Cardinals. I’m not a Cardinals fan.

            But the fact that Palmer has been as productive as he has been playing for Arians is a miracle. Palmer was absolute dog shit in Oakland, and cost that team a playoff spot.

            It was BEN, and not Todd Haley, who drew up, and called the long TD to Wheaton last week. So Arians had 10 days to prepare and his offense was doing shit and gimmicks, while it took Ben a mere 5 minutes on game night to design a play that resulted in a touchdown.

            I’ll let that stand on it’s own merit.

          • Also stating the offense is worse, is people cherry-picking “last X games.” That’s not even the entire time Haley has been the OC, so it’s cleverly excluding games that were successful. It probably adds some more that were not.

            My point is, not that you’re a Cardinals fan, but you keep ramming BA down our throats and their team was no more successful over another cherry-picked span. Statistics are what you make of them, and I continue to point out the team took a nose dive offensively during Arians’ last 2 seasons, but you fail to recognize that, because it’s inconvenient to your argument.

            If BA were here, there’s every possibility they could be worse off than they are now.

          • ” That’s not even the entire time Haley has been the OC, so it’s cleverly excluding games that were successful.”

            What games would those be? The Raider game was one. They also scored 20 or less in 6 of 16 games that first year.

            Then the next two years it was 16 of their next 32 regular season games.

            Then 0-1 in the playoffs, that’s 17 of 33 games.

            Now it’s 3 of 5 in 2015, which makes it twenty points or less on offense in 26 of 54 total games since Todd Haley showed up.

            What more do you need to see this isn’t working Joe?

            How did they nose dive? They won their conference in 2010 despite not having Ben for four games suspended and then they won 12 games the following year (Only the 3nd time in team history of back to back 12+ win seasons) and Ben was playing some of the best football of his career before he sprained his ankle.

          • Happy Monday my friend/troll Siggy… just wanted to see what you thought of that Bruce Arians offense that put up 469 total yards, 21 first downs and had 31:09 time of possession… and only scored ONE touchdown (very first drive of the game) and ONE field goal in the 2nd half… there’s your typical Bruce Arians offense, putting up all sorts of numbers except on the scoreboard, stalling in the 2nd half, against a defense that was supposed to be utterly terrible and against an offense using their 2nd and 3rd string QBs and had difficulty getting a single first down for the better part of 3 quarters…

            Sorry buddy, but you had to know this post was coming, and it’s a shame that your despised “golf coach” and a player who never took an NFL snap in 3 years outsmarted and outplayed the mighty Bruce Arians!

          • Watch the game. Carson Palmer blew that game with his inaccuracy. He left at least two TD’s on the field in the first half, he completes those? The game is a rout because of Todd Haley and Mike Vick’s abortion in the first 30 minutes.

            But Haley finally has gotten what he wants: Ben’s out of the way and his chosen one, Landry Jones is the starter.

            Watch when Ben’s cleared to play, and Jones REMAINS the starter.

            Then Ben will gone from this team, just as Haley has always wanted from the day he got here.

            Btw, see Kelvin Beachum’s ACL snap? That’s because Haley’s beloved jumbo set, and another missed block by his pet Will Johnson, failed again.

          • I know you have to be Crash or Steelers Illuminati for sure now, because it’s so obvious.

            Your cliq kept saying Ben wasn’t going to be resigned. He was going to be traded to Arizona before they got Palmer… and resigned Palmer last year too. Give it up. It’s not happening.

            Jones will probably start against a subpar KC team. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least. If Vick starts, then we might hold hands and complain in unison! But you failed to mention how Haley had more confidence in Jones, who attempted more throws with less playing time, and less practice time. Jones executed Haley’s offense to four consecutive scoring drives.

            Could it be Vick is just a dumpster fire?

            Speaking of… Haley’s offense got more than 20 points and BA once again fell flat with 13, after averaging 38 per game. Maybe give some credit to the defense. Ff the D doesn’t play like that, there’s no chance at a win, and the offense most certainly had to step it up, which they did, getting a lead and keeping it.

            Haley’s offense failed to turn the ball over in yet another game.


          • “Your cliq kept saying Ben wasn’t going to be resigned. He was going to be traded to Arizona before they got Palmer… and resigned Palmer last year too. Give it up. It’s not happening.”

            Palmer’s contract can be null and void, with hardly no cap penalty, as long as he’s waived within 5 days after the Super Bowl has been played. Palmer’s contract going forward, is base salaries that become guaranteed if he remains on the roster 5 days after the Super Bowl. He has hardly no bonus money tied to their cap.

            “Speaking of… Haley’s offense got more than 20 points and BA once again fell flat with 13, after averaging 38 per game.”

            So one game makes Haley a genius?


            20 points or less after 55 games as Steelers OC?

            Arians: 23 of 55

            Haley: 26 of 55

            Each OC didn’t have Ben for six starts, so that’s even.

            Haley’s offense is worse.

            Arians won three divisions, 5 playoff games, two AFC titles, and a ring in four years.

            What exactly have they won with Haley? One division?


            Checkmate? When you compare the OC’s, and the team success with both as the OC in similar situations? Arians is the one playing chess. Haley’s playing checkers.

          • How many top 5 defenses did Haley have during his tenure in Pittsburgh?

            Typical between the 20’s BA game yesterday. Big stats, no points. It will happen again this year, and more times than the Steelers stall on offense.

          • “How many top 5 defenses did Haley have during his tenure in Pittsburgh?”

            What? You mean you don’t know? If you go by RANKING (as any dumb sheep usually does when they discredit Arians to defend Haley’s garbage) then Haley’s first season was a failure.

            The defense was “ranked” #1, and they won four less games than they had the year before.

            Good day Joe.

          • I’ve already put other Haley haters in their place over a similar comment. Apparently you didn’t listen when Ben said he went to Haley with the idea and they (meaning Ben and Haley) sat with Vick and drew it up, and asked if he was comfortable with it.

            You don’t think players come up with stuff like this all the time?

            One that’s in my recent memory, being that I live in Youngstown, Ohio, is when Jim Tressel won the 1997 National Championship at Youngstown State. He had a tall WR, and ran something very much like the “pick” plays New England has been doing for awhile. It wasn’t in the game plan, it wasn’t a play they ever ran before. It was sandlot football, on a whim, play calling. It worked, just like the Wheaton play, because it was’t something the opponent could plan for, or something they saw on film.

            Sorry for no better example, but it’s all I got right now.

          • Little boy living in Never Never Land.

          • I dispute what you say (without name calling mind you) because you’re talking out of your back side. When they win, all of a sudden it’s “your” concepts that cause them to win? I had already pointed out what % they ran 11 personnel last week. Had it translated into points instead of backing off the goal line and missed FG’s (which would’ve also translated into a possible win) you would’ve been lamenting how they used 3 WRs and how genius you are. Get over yourself.

          • “I had already pointed out what % they ran 11 personnel last week.”

            That included the final 12 plays when they were down 14 in scrap time, no?

            That’s what dopes like you don’t grasp because you don’t pay attention to WHEN things occur.

            It’s called context.

            Learn it.

          • What you really meant to say is, “The Steelers won, so I have nothing to complain about this week.”

            Combination of 2nd TE and FBs still had 30 of 52 offensive snaps. Nothing to see here. Move along…

          • 29 straight points on 4 drives.

            #46 and #89 were on the field for NONE OF IT!

            Just like week one of the 2014 season:

            The first 25 first half minutes of the season, 27 plays, #89 and #46 had a combined THREE snaps.

            They scored 24 points in 25 minutes.

            Want more? 2013 Lions game, best offensive showing of the season:

            20 first half points (Miller dropped a TD or it would have been a 24 point first half), #81, #82, and #46 had a combined ZERO SNAPS, in the entire half.

            It’s not rocket science. The ONLY thing that stops this offense, is Todd Haley.

            When he sticks to using his talent from the outset, and puts his ego aside? Nothing can stop them.

          • He’s a clown. Both on the field and off.

            It took a former Rooney crony to get his son back in the league because no one else wants to deal with him.

            All those head coaching vacancies after 2014, and yet Todd Haley didn’t get ONE interview request, did he?

            Again, I have facts.

            You have nothing.

          • But I don’t think Todd swings that way?

          • Actually he and his wife are known swingers, to the point that she sends out nude selfies, and Todd and her were in a bar 11 hours before kickoff of the 2013 opener.

            The guy’s a goof. I’m sorry but anyone who claims his PERSONAL phone was bugged by his employer? Is obviously not playing with a full deck. and not anyone I’d want anywhere near my football team if I owned it.

          • WOW you’re really hot for the guy!!

          • How many did he win in Ariz.?

          • When he was the PLAY-CALLER in Ken Whisenhunt’s installed system? He won three.

            Whiz’s system in 2008, was the same system he ran in San Diego in 2013: Three wide base, minimal subbing.

            Feel free to look at the splits of 2008 Warner, and 2013 Rivers, and see how many pass attempts they had with 2+ tight ends on the field.

            Then compare them to Ben’s attempts running HALEY’S system.

            Haley disrupts the flow of his own offense by constantly shuffling no hopers like Matt Spaeth (and before him David Paulson) and Will Johnson into the lineup.

            He needs to do what Whiz had him do in 2008: Use their best three wides, and get the hell out of the way.

          • I said this below FIVE DAYS AGO…..

            “He needs to do what Whiz had him do in 2008: Use their best three wides, run AND throw from that formation, and get the hell out of the way.”

            Number of 1st half snaps for #46 and #89 after their first possession of the first half today?


            When they kneeled on the ball.

            Scored 29 points on 4 straight drives.

            Just have to pay attention kids. Not rocket science.

          • PLAY CALLER HUH? Get a life Hayley’s a pro football coach and you’re NOT.

          • Whiz installed the system, Haley called the plays full time in 2008 after taking over late in 2007.

            But Whiz’s system is what they used.

            Follow the league, or STFU.

          • Last Thursday, the Steelers used 11 personnel (one back, one tight end, and three receivers) 49 of 73 snaps or 67%.

            They used 12 personnel (one back, two tight ends, and two receivers) 18 snaps (25%) including 10 of first 18 plays.

          • “Last Thursday, the Steelers used 11 personnel (one back, one tight end, and three receivers) 49 of 73 snaps or 67%.”

            And when you take away the final 12 plays on their last drive? Matt Spaeth and Will Johnson combined for 34 snaps out of 61 plays.

            That’s entirely too many. And which is why the offense is the garbage time stat offense that it is.

            I’ve told you for a week, stop reading stats and start paying attention to WHEN things occur.

            Good day.

          • They ran 12 personnel 8 times other than first 18 plays (first 2+ drives.) 25% is hardly anything to get worked up over, especially when using it in the red zone or jumbo sets for goal line situations.

            How many times did New England run 12? I saw Scott Chandler out there scoring a TD. Steelers used 12 to establish the run and the jumbo sets for goal line.

          • I’m not a Patriots fan. I could care less what they do.

            When Matt Spaeth and Will Johnson combine for 34 of 61 meaningful snaps? That’s a problem. And it’s been a problem since Todd Haley got here.

            Three wide, a RB, and Heath.

            Get out out of their way, and win.

            It’s not that hard.

            But Haley’s ego won’t allow it.

          • Okay. Spaeth and WJ outsnapped 4 other players: Tyler Murphy, Roosevelt Nix, Alejandro Villanueva and Dri Archer. Which of those players would you have liked to see get more reps?

            BTW NE used Chandler 41% of their snaps. Should probably fire Josh McDaniel too.

          • For the 2nd time….

            Three wide, a RB, and Heath. If one of them are hurt or want a blow? Then you put someone else in.

            If not? Get out out of their way, and win.

          • You said above: “When Matt Spaeth and Will Johnson combine for 34 of 61 meaningful snaps? That’s a problem. And it’s been a problem since Todd Haley got here.”

            Yesterday: Spaeth – 17 snaps, Nix – 8, Johnson – 5 for a total of 30 of 52 total offensive snaps.

          • You didn’t watch the game did you?

            You couldn’t have if you didn’t see a difference in how those players were used.

          • I was in the stadium, on the 30 yard line. And all I could think is, when we targeted Roosevelt Nix, is how you would be going non-stop about fullbacks today…

          • And that first drive was typical Haley. Jumbo set garbage.

            Why is why the Steelers have scored a mere two opening drive touchdowns, in their last 19 games.

            You also mentioned Will Johnson’s “5 snaps”.

            But four of them were when Mike Vick was in the game on their final series.

            So from the first series, until their last series, Johnson had 1 freaking snap the entire game, he had 10 snaps last week. Including three carries in red zone.

            Spaeth had 17 snaps, but 4 of them were with Vick in the game, and another was the last kneel down of the first half.

            So now he’s down to 12 snaps.

            Spaeth WAS on the field for EVERY SNAP, of Ben’s TD pass drive to Antonio Brown, a 5 play scoring drive.

            But Heath Miller wasn’t.

            Again, three wide and a TE on every snap, and another TD.

            And you don’t players were used different this week as far as roles and formations compared to last week?

            You can’t be serious.

          • Very serious… and it forced you to validate all the points I had been making. You’re learning!

          • Please. You’ve been schooled here.

            Save what little credibility you have left and admit it.

            Three wide and a TE all day.

            43 points.

            You’re excused.

          • Need I also remind you to STOP BLAMING TODD HALEY when you just admitted we put up 43 points… almost a FULL YEAR after I wrote the article saying relax, this team will get it together? Well that was the point. 43 of them to be exact. All in my credibility column thank you!

          • The issue is, will he continue?

            His own history says no. Haley lets Ben be Ben for a game here, a game there, then he starts his crap again.

            Just like last year, Ben crushes the Colts, crushed the Ravens, gets all the props.

            What happens the next week in New York?

            Ben didn’t throw a pass longer than 7 yards in length in the games first 23 minutes against two CB’s with a combined 6 career starts, that was also the game where Haley had James Harrison running pass patterns at fullback despite NEVER running a pass pattern in ANY PRACTICE up to that point.

            Until Haley realizes that he needs to allow his talent to be the focal point EVERY WEEK? Real fans who follow the game, and his tendencies, will always be skeptical of him.

          • That’s any team. Ben is on point right now, but what happens when he has games like the Jets one, and gets picked? That wasn’t his sharpest game, and I recall him staring down a receiver in the endzone, which would’ve totally changed the narrative of that game, had it gone a different way.

            As I’ll always say, the other team is also stocked with professional football players. “Any Given Sunday” is the saying. That’s why we can’t accurately predict who will win and lose at this level. Just look at the contrast in 2 weeks. Jags, Raiders, Browns, Redskins and Bucs all win!

          • Nobody perfect, if they were who would you have to complain about?

          • “That’s any team. Ben is on point right now, but what happens when he has games like the Jets one, and gets picked? ”

            The Steelers were down 17 points BEFORE Ben Roethlisberger threw one pick in that game.

            Suisham also missed a field goal in New York, funny how you used Scobee’s misses last week to defend the Pittsburgh OC but ignore Suisham’s misses talking about Ben.

            Typical Yinzer.

            Like I just told you, they came out to start that game with Haley’s dink and dunk crap. Ben at one point was 9 of 11 (Wonderful completion % for those who didn’t actually watch the game) for a mere 24 yards.

          • Actually dummy it’s Art Rooney II who’s jealous of Ben.

            That’s why he fired Arians and ruined any chance this team had to have their “2nd dynasty”.

          • Whoa dude look out, professional football mind here!

          • If BA had stayed, the “2nd dynasty” would’ve been competing with the Browns for top draft selection. We won games because of defensive touchdowns and field goals, which were a result of field position due to those good defenses. BA got fired, because we couldn’t score points. Period.

            Then look what happens when we gave Ben a REAL offensive coordinator. He’s on the field for 16 games and healthy. He puts up historic numbers. You don’t end up with a losing season.

            They also got him a real offensive line coach and draft/sign linemen and players to put around him (AB, Wheaton, DHB, Bryant, Bell, DW and all the OL.)

            But yeah… Rooney is jealous… this sounds an awful lot like another troll who used to frequent this site and others I’m on…

          • “We won games because of defensive touchdowns and field goals, which were a result of field position due to those good defenses”

            Defense/Special teams TD’s first three years with Haley:


            Defense/Special teams TD’s first three years with Arians:


            You want to keep fishing for tires in the lake Joe? Or do you want to stop now?

          • I’m not the one fishing. Why are you ignoring Arians last 2 seasons?

          • You mean back to back 12 win seasons (Despite Ben not being allowed to play in 4 games) and an AFC title?

            Oh btw, in the last 32 games of Arians the Steelers had six defense and special teams TD’s.

            Haley had six LAST SEASON ALONE, and still couldn’t win a playoff game.

            What’s that? Another Bridgestone out of the lake?

            Keep fishing.

          • Whatever dude. I can keep showing you stats. You’re crediting Arians with wins when Ben wasn’t there. Only 1 of those games was the offense remotely efficient. See how many yards, TDs and picks Dennis Dixon and Charlie Batch combined for. They went 3-1 with a lucky OT win where they couldn’t score a TD in regulation. They struggled mightly, but it’s useless to point out to you that defense and special teams was a large part of that 3-1. Keep giving credit to Arians though.

          • “Whatever dude. I can keep showing you stats.”

            You mean stats you make up. Show me those 10 games in one season in either 2010 or 2011 when the offense failled to score a TD in them.

            “You’re crediting Arians with wins when Ben wasn’t there”

            No Joe, you are blaming Arians for lack of offensive production when Ben wasn’t playing.

            You can’t have it both ways.

          • “He’s on the field for 16 games and healthy”

            Ben has already missed MORE GAMES due to injury in three years and two games with Haley, than he did with FIVE SEASONS with Arians.

            “He puts up historic numbers.”

            Ben put up historic numbers in 2007. 32 TD passes in a mere 404 pass attempts. His 104.1 QB rating that season also remains his career high. Todd Haley was nowhere to be found.

            In 2009 Ben had 4000+ yards, they had an 1100+ yard rusher, two 1000+ yard receivers, a 700+ yard #3 receiver, and tight end Heath Miller went to the Pro Bowl. The defense blew eight 4th quarter leads that year and somehow the OFFENSE was blamed for it.

            “You don’t end up with a losing season”

            When did Ben and Arians EVER have a losing season?

            When did Ben and Arians EVER have an 8-8 season?

            Oh that’s right, they never did.

            Haley’s had two 8-8 seasons already.

            You need to just stop. You’re embarrassing yourself here.

          • When we mentioned what Haley did before, we were living in the past. Now you bring up 2009???

            Yards aren’t everything. You keep harping on that, then use it to support your twisted logic. You said points matter. What happened in 2010 and 2011? I already showed you: offense didn’t score in 25% of 2nd halves in both seasons. And if I recall my research the other day, there were 10 games without an offensive TD in one of those seasons, maybe both… that means offense scored a TD in only 6 games… tell me what would happen to Haley if we had that much “success” scoring but Ben, AB and Bell have all those yards last year… 4-12 or worse, plus he gets fired. Simple. Arians sucked in his last two years. Get over it.

          • “Yards aren’t everything. You keep harping on that, then use it to support your twisted logic.”

            No stupid, I brought up “historic numbers” Ben provided long before Todd Haley ever coached here. Basically brought them up because I’m sick of idiots like YOU who act like Ben was a nobody prior to 2012, The way some of the fan base and media actually downplay Roethlisberger’s career prior to 2012 is a disgrace.

            “What happened in 2010 and 2011? ”

            Roethlisberger was suspended to start 2010, and in 2011 he hurt his ankle late in the season.

            Funny, Arians got fired after 2011, and Ben was named to the Pro Bowl in that final season. LOL

            “And if I recall my research the other day, there were 10 games without an offensive TD in one of those seasons, maybe both… that means offense scored a TD in only 6 games”

            That is a flat out lie, in both seasons. It never happened.

            Without even looking I’d say in the last 32 regular season games the Steelers played with OC Arians? They had no more than 5 games without an offensive TD scored in it. Maybe even less than that.

            Keep fishing.

          • Said by the guy who defended and loves Bruce Arians… and his 19 point-per-game average! But yeah, my credibility is being questioned…

          • So you’re bashing Bruce Arians who’s won Coach of the Year twice since leaving Pittsburgh?

            Makes sense.

          • At the end of the season we’ll be there.

        • Have you seen the numbers? Ben has had better completion % and touchdown average, lower interception average and sacked less since Haley took over. That’s better than TWO current head coaches in the NFL in Ken Whisenhunt and Bruce Arians.

          I don’t get the Haley hate personally. Garbage time stats? Like Antonio Brown’s streak? Or Le’Veon Bell’s record year for yards from scrimmage? Or Ben’s 6 touchdowns in back-to-back weeks against the Colts and Ravens, both playoff teams we beat during the regular season?

          Where is the logic in wanting to fire coaches that won the AFC North last season and are clearly doing what they were brought in to do?

          Also keep in mind, I wrote this article before ANY OF THAT HAPPENED!!!

          • This guy doesn’t care he thinks he has the greatest football mind on earth.

          • Actually I just have a better mind than a golf coach who got in the NFL’s door because of his Daddy.

            When Haley makes the offense about HIM (week 1) the offense struggles to score points.

            When Haley makes the offense about the TALENT at WR with minimal subbing, they don’t.

            Tape games, pay attention, you’ll learn.

          • “Have you seen the numbers? Ben has had better completion % and touchdown average, lower interception average and sacked less since Haley took over.”

            And you know what else is lower?

            First quarter TD’s by Ben first three years each OC:

            Whiz: 20 (Ben didn’t start EIGHT GAMES)

            Arians: 16 (Ben minus 2)

            Haley: 11 (Ben minus 3).

            Want more Joe?

            TOTAL 1st quarter TD’s by the offense each OC three years.

            Whiz (34)

            Arians (22)

            Haley (18)

            This team USED to come out flying, get leads, get more leads, then run the ball.

            Now it’s the opposite, Haley’s too preoccupied with “balance” and his beloved get 25 rushing attempts ASAP, and when it doesn’t work, then Ben is asked to steal wins in the last 10 minutes and he’s blamed when he doesn’t.

            “I don’t get the Haley hate personally. Garbage time stats?”

            Yep. Like the 600 yards and 4 TD’s he threw in the five 4th quarters in the losses last season.

            Like the three TD passes and 285 yards he had against the Chargers in 2012, never mind that they trailed 27-3 at the time.

            Or the 4th quarter garbage time numbers against the Vikings in London, and the Raiders in Oakland in 2013.

            Or the final drive Thursday night. Numbers look GOOD on paper, I value CONTEXT more.

            “Or Ben’s 6 touchdowns in back-to-back weeks against the Colts and Ravens, both playoff teams we beat during the regular season?”

            See? That’s all you have. Two freaking games in three years.

            The 2014 Steelers scored 20 points or less on offense in 9 of 17 games last season, including 6 of their final 8 (Seven regular season, one playoff game) AFTER Ben’s monster two week stretch.

            “Where is the logic in wanting to fire coaches that won the AFC North last season and are clearly doing what they were brought in to do?”

            You tell me Joe, where is the logic to fire an OC who won 55 regular season games, five playoff games, three AFC North titles (which YOU just proved in your reply that you value) 2 AFC titles, and a Super Bowl ring in five years?

            Because that my friend, is what happened to the since two time Coach of the Year since leaving Pittsburgh Bruce Arians.

            While Todd Haley’s system has never won a playoff game in the six years he’s ran it from 2009-2014.

            Todd Haley’s biggest problem is that he coaches for Todd Haley. HIS ego matters more to him than just winning.

            It’s been that way since 2009.

            Which is why he doesn’t win anything.

          • Joe,

            By my count, in 46 regular season games with Todd Haley Ben has thrown 12, garbage time 4th quarter TD’s in losses since 2012.

            That is a TON, for a QB of his caliber.

            Good day.

          • Okay, so only 1st quarter points count then? Or points in general do not count? What was Bruce Arians excuse for when this team couldn’t score in the final quarter? These stats aren’t all “garbage” points…

          • The TD’s I listed above were ALL GARBAGE time TD passes by Ben. 12 in 46 games.


            “What was Bruce Arians excuse for when this team couldn’t score in the final quarter?”

            Were they trying to score? Or did they have a lead and try to milk clock and rely on the defense?

            Case in point, the Jaguars playoff game.

            Ben and his offense scored on EVERY DRIVE in the 2nd half, and then they needed one first down to win.

            What did they do? Run run QB sweep, punt, and play defense like they did in 1978.

            Only to see LeBeau’s defense, piss away the lead.

            You want more Joe? The Steelers have 1st down at the Cards 48 in XLIII up 20-7.

            What do they do? Run run sack, punt and play defense like they did in 1978.

            Next Cards drive? TD.

            Last but not least, the 2009 season, all in the 4th quarter below:

            Steelers take a 7 point lead in KC in the 4th.

            Next KC drive? Touchdown.

            Steelers take the lead in the 4th vs. the Raiders.

            Next Raiders drive? Touchdown.

            Steelers score again in the 4th.

            Next Raiders drive? Touchdown.

            Dennis Dixon scores in the 4th in Baltimore.

            Next Ravens drive needing one stop to win? Tying FG.

            The difference then compared to now? Is that LeBeau only began to feel heat in Pittsburgh, when a local guy ran the offense starting in 2012.

            Prior to 2012? Whenever the same 4th quarter meltdowns occurred as I listed above? BEN and ARIANS were blamed for it.

            Todd Haley’s offense won’t win because Todd Haley’s #1 priority is to show everyone how smart he is.

            They’ve run that AB throwback pass at least three times since 2012.

            Every one of them, was during a prime time game, where Toddy can show everyone how smart he is.

            That’s not a coincidence IMO.

          • Oh btw, if Eli Manning takes a sack, they win last night.

            He “didn’t get hit”.

            They lost.

          • Since you want to keep trolling an article I wrote on September 29, 2014, after the Steelers played their first 2 regular season games within 10 days, I saw fit to look up statistics for 2014 and the Steelers scored more offensive touchdowns in the 2nd quarter (17) than in the fourth (16.) Of those 4th quarter touchdowns THREE of them were “garbage” time scores, where the Steelers were probably going to lose regardless:

            – Lance Moore TD against Browns
            – Martavis Bryant TD against Jets
            – Antonio Brown TD against Saints

            Now, the Bryant TD was an 80 yard score in a close, ugly game. Unlike the other 2 that were drives with no chance of winning and scores within the final minute or so, not some big play that gave them a legitimate chance of winning.

            So please stop with the insanity. This team won 11 games and the division last year. Yes, they start games slow. They also finish each half strong scoring the most in the 2nd and 4th quarters and FINISHING games.

            I feel you have an ax to grind with Todd Haley, but you probably don’t grind the same ax with Dick Lebeau for being unable to stop the Browns, Jets and Saints offenses (none of which were playoff teams last year) do you?

            That is all I have. Good day.

          • Did you not read what I posted? The Steelers obsession with the overrated Dick LeBeau is why this team is in the mess it’s in.

            Ben and Arians for YEARS, were blamed for LeBeau’s BS.

            Only when a local guy became the OC did LeBeau start getting any kind of heat.

            As I said it would happen BEFORE Todd Haley coached ONE GAME, in Pittsburgh.

            Four garbage time TD’s in 2014.

            Three vs. the Chargers in 2012.

            One in Oakland in 2013.

            One in London in 2013.

            One vs. Pats in 2014.

            One vs. Pats week one 2015.

            One vs. Tennessee in 2013

            12 TD passes that were irrelevant the minute they were thrown.

            “This team won 11 games and the division last year.”

            No playoff wins in three years with Haley. Arians won 12 games in three of last four seasons and was FIRED.

            Why are the barometers for success lowered for the local guy?

            You read stats.

            Gotta start WATCHING the games kid. WHEN things happen.

          • 2011 UNDER BRUCE ARIANS

            Ravens – no garbage TDs because they didn’t SCORE in the second half

            Seahawks – a win, but no garbage because they didn’t score in 4th quarter

            Colts – 2 Suisham FG’s in 2nd half – no TDs in 2nd half

            Texans – no TD’s in 4th quarter

            Titans – garbage time TD w/2:39 left in 38-17 route

            Jaguars – no SCORING in 2nd half

            Cardinals – no TD’s in 4th quarter

            Patriots – no TD’s in 2nd half

            Ravens – come from behind 16-6 – 2 TDs in 4th quarter – LOST

            Bengals – no SCORING in 4th

            Browns – TD w/2:52 in 4th – 79 yard pass to AB in win = GARBAGE

            49ers – no SCORING in 4th

            Rams – Redman TD 3:14 4th in win = GARBAGE

            Browns – no SCORING in 4th

            10 games the Steelers didn’t score at TD in the 4th quarter

            4 games without a TD in 2nd half

            Remind me again of how great BA was? And why he was the “fall guy?”

          • Do you even know what a “garbage time” score means?

            I don’t believe you do.

            Like I said, start WATCHING, rather than READING.

          • I went and turned some of BA’s TD’s into “garbage” in the same way you did Haley’s, but since only one fits your argument, you vehemently defend a coach who couldn’t adjust to the 2nd half, and had such brilliant play calls like a draw from their own 2 yard line. But I wouldn’t notice that, since I wasn’t watching…

          • So again, your READING, rather than WATCHING.

            When did Arians call a draw from his own two yard line?

            What game?

          • Jets – 2010 – 2:45 remaining down 22-17, BA calls a HB draw with Melwede Moore from his the Pittsburgh 3. Moore gets tackled almost instantly for a safety and they lose the game.

          • And Kemoeatu missed his block. He was tackle from the backside. The hole was wide open on the right.

            That was also the game where Matt Spaeth let a game winning TD right through his hands on the final drive of the game.

            Like I said, you have to watch, not read.

            They weren’t down 22-17. They were down 20-17.

          • 1 – I’m not local and thus, don’t care if Haley is
            2 – I’m not a kid
            3 – I’m done. You just want to hear yourself talk. Half of what you’re citing aren’t “garbage” touchdowns. Just because it’s late in the game, or they’re playing from behind, you act as though it would be BETTER for the team to not score at all. Yeah, that’s the spirit. Go root for Arians since you’re such a fan.

          • “Half of what you’re citing aren’t “garbage” touchdowns”

            So when Ben throws irrelevant TD passes during prevent defenses in the 4th quarter you actually think those make a GOOD impression on Todd Haley?


          • Much better impression than not scoring at all. If BA had been OC with the defense post 2011, those scores are even worse, because he wasn’t capable of getting touchdowns at all, garbage or not!

          • “Much better impression than not scoring at all. If BA had been OC with the defense post 2011, those scores are even worse, because he wasn’t capable of getting touchdowns at all, garbage or not!”

            2011 Arians:

            7 of 17 games offense scores 20 or less.

            2012 Haley?

            6 of 16.

            2013 Haley?

            8 of 16.

            2014 Haley?

            9 of 17.

            Why is Todd Haley still here?

            If Bruce Arians was the OC the last three years this team would be attacking to start games, rather than falling behind because the golf coach wants his balance.

          • I can’t devote more time to this, because as I look back more, I realize just how abysmal the 2nd half offenses were under BA. Looking at 2010, they had about the same average of TD-less and/or scoreless 2nd half quarters. You’re hell-bent on defending BA, so you win.

          • So again, you’re blaming Arians for milking clock when they have leads compared to Haley’s scoring garbage time TD’s in losses?


    • Arians will always be the comparison. IMO he was “let go” because they wanted to keep said HOF QB upright and healthy. (There’s also a Haley/Rooney family connection conspiracy, but I won’t go there.)

  15. For someone who doesn’t like SCU, you sure do pop up a lot and you sure do know a lot about my personal life. Oh, and you’re still BANNED. Goodbye!