Where To Stay

If you’re traveling into Pittsburgh for a game and need to stay overnight, these tips may help you choose where you want to stay for an evening in the Steel City.

Rather than endorse specific hotels (though the pictured, historic Omni William Penn is very nice) we’re going to discuss how you should plan your trip. Your approach to hotel choice will depend on a number of factors.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but depending on how you plan to get to the game, location could be your most important choice. For example, if you decide to defray costs by staying in Monroeville rather than in downtown Pittsburgh, you may not be aware of the impending tunnel traffic that could cause you to miss kickoff Sunday morning. Likewise, if you stay downtown, the cost of a taxi could escalate for the same reasons.

We recommend finding a balance between cost and transportation. If you don’t mind the price, there are several hotels on the North Shore, situated near PNC Park and Heinz Field, which put you within a few blocks walking distance to the game.

If driving is your forte, you may opt to stay north of Pittsburgh to avoid tunnel and bridge traffic on game days. Areas such as Wexford or Cranberry provide a straight shot into the city, while conveniently located 10-15 minutes away.

Flying in for a game? Areas such as Moon, Robinson and Green Tree host a number of hotels that provide a similar short drive into town, while offering shuttle transportation to and from Pittsburgh International Airport.

Be aware, if traveling in from areas such as Monroeville or destinations south of the city, if your directions send you through a tunnel or bridge, you will want to allow extra time to arrive at the game. If you’re tailgating, the earlier the better!

Of course, convenience comes with a cost. Downtown and North Shore destinations will always cost more than airport hotels in Moon or Green Tree, while the former offers the amenities of the city and close travel to the game, and the latter offer a bargain for those who do not mind a bit of a drive to the field.

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