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Jerome Bettis: By The Numbers

With "The Bus" entering the Hall of Fame this weekend, it only seemed fitting that we reflect on Jerome Bettis' great career. Here is what he accomplished in over his 13 year NFL run:

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Michael Vick: Steeler Material?

Around this time last year, I had made a case for signing Josh Freeman as a backup Steelers QB. I had placed some of Freeman's experience side-by-side with former backups Charlie Batch and Byron Leftwich. Freeman also exhibited some of the same physical attributes as Ben Roethlisberger. As training camp opened ...

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Can Antonio Brown Get Better?

For two seasons, Antonio Brown has been on fire. To expect the types of things Brown has done consistently, over that period of time, would place high expectations on AB. However, high expectations and insurmountable odds are are nothing new to this star wide receiver. Expectations weren't always high for ...

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Who Are The Four Horsemen On The Steelers Defense?

Those of you who interact with me on various forums, and social media, know I'm a big pro wrestling fan too. For those that aren't, don't close this article yet, you won't get lost. I promise. In the 80's, there was a famed pro wrestling group called the "Four Horsemen." ...

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Thoughts On The 2015 Draft

The dust has settled and the draft is over. Every analyst is giving out grades for how each team did, which is nothing but talk and speculation at this point, since even the 2013 draft is hard to grade at this point in time. This will be one of your different ...

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2015 Draft: What About A Punter?

I was getting into some good debate over at the Steelers Xtreme Forum (which is undeniably more alive than my own forum) about this year's draft, when I thought about the one glaring need I've been complaining about for years: a punter. Last season, Brad Wing won the job without putting ...

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